Holiday Type: Holidays in December – All Inclusive

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  1.  Short Haul: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  2. Medium Haul: Approx 5 – 6 hours from UK
  3. Long Haul: Over 6 hours from the UK

At a Glance

  1. What better way to get into the festive season
  2. Choose from a list of great hotels
  3. Beaches are always a big feature

December Holidays

Get in early for holidays this December to the beautiful sunshine resorts during the merry festive season. The choice is vast with many families and couples opting for a warm winter in the sun at impressive prices. The early all inclusive December bargains are quite often snapped up at the last minute before the onset of shopping and Christmas arrangements take over. Why not have Christmas all wrapped up with food and drinks all paid for with a selection of cheap all inclusive holidays during the month of December and a special Christmas dinner and entertainment all catered for with Turn the heat down this year with a little pre-planning to save and book early with everything taken care of.

Clear blue skies, calm turquoise waters and early morning sunshine is only a dream for most with the dark and cold winter nights of the UK. A short flight to Spain or the Canaries provides beach promenades spilling over with bars and cafes for family relaxation. Dramatic white sands and first class service on November holidays in Egypt is on the rise with total pricing included in winter deals. The exuberant accommodation and exciting shopping adventures in Dubai are essentially cheap holidays in December amid the fine luxury surroundings of the hotel. Safari specials across the rugged landscape of Kenya are specifically nurtured by both nature explorers and animal lovers during the quiet December season.

An organised shopping trip during all inclusive December holidays is an immensely enjoyable experience for Christmas presents. From duty free shopping at the airport to cheap leather and handcrafted goods at the festive markets you can save a massive sum. Great exchange rates combined with cheap all inclusive holidays December create an attractive package for short city breaks to the spectacular lights of Barcelona, the romantic sights of Paris and Rome or the shopping malls in America. Skiers start flying out to the snowy mountains and icy glaciers for winter sports with early bargains topping the market through December with unlimited drinks, food and in some resorts, the ski pass. If you always fancied trying all inclusive, there is no better time than at Christmas will realistic prices and no hidden extras.

December Weather

Morocco 55°F
Tenerife 66°F
Majorca 50°F
Tunisia 55°F
Egypt 66°F
Lanzarote 67°F
Morocco 56°F
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