Holiday Type: All Inclusive for April

  • Short Haul: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Medium Haul: Approx 5 – 6  hours from UK
  • Long haul: Over 6 hours from the UK

Holidays in April

April has some fantastic beach resorts that you can holiday in which are the perfect temperature for young kids. Going on cheap all inclusive Holidays in April are terrific for families looking to tie in with the school holidays at Easter. This time of the year is just the thing time for kids, with the lower April temperatures children find it more bearable; while it is still hot enough for adults to sunbathe and get a bit of early colour about them. Popular destinations in April include:

  • Cyprus,
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Canaries
  • Balearic islands

With costs cheaper than peak season taking all inclusive April holidays makes for a perfect time to get an early spring break.

If you like to keep busy on your holidays then a holiday in April will be just perfect, the cooler temperature makes activities more comfortable, and is especially prevalent if you choose to go to Disney Florida in April; much more comfortable than the humidity of summer months. If you are looking a ‘short hop’ you could think about France or Italy, the short flight is perfect for travellers looking a short break in April. These regions are perfect for the tourist that wants to be busy in their time away, activities such as climbing, trekking, golf and horse riding are some of the activities that can be enjoy on your April holidays.

Looking to go to far-flung shores and truly get summer style heat? If this sounds like you then our all inclusive April holidays will be perfect with soaring temperatures you are sure to come home golden brown, to the envy of your friends. April begins the wedding season, so if you are looking to get married why not tie your all inclusive holidays in April with a wedding package? We can show you the perfect destinations of your choice if April sounds like the month that you would like to try an all inclusive holiday with us.

Temperatures in April

Canaries 71°F
Spain 64°F
Cyprus 73°F
Egypt 85°F
Morocco 81°F
Cuba 86°F
Maldives 88°F

Map of Mediterranean