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More and more men are taking either a weekend or even week long stag do holidays instead of the habitual stag night. Swapping the traditional one wild night for an extended stag do makes a lot of sense and generally makes more than twice the fun.

So what types of holidays are available for a stag do for July to September? There is a range of locations and holiday types that you can enjoy a stag do from. The most practical and cash wise is to take an all inclusive holiday for your stag do. Locations vary, but popular destinations range from the customary Prague and Riga in Latvia to a lively beach in the Mediterranean at Magaluf, Benidorm, Marbella, Ibiza, Albufeira, Barcelona and even Sunny Beach in Bulgaria.

Getting the correct choice of stag holiday destination is essential as you may never have the chance of doing it again and the quality of company for the groom-to-be will create a truly memorable stag holiday. Plan your stag weekends by choosing all inclusive, this will take care of flights and accommodation as well as eating, nightlife and entertainment.

Everything catered for:

Stag holidays come in all shapes and suitable for all ages, tastes and budgets. A busy beach resort with loads of nightlife are the clear choice for a stag do, but more often now luxury four and five star holidays are now becoming  a preferred break for new types of stag do.

The ideal timespan for stag holidays are subject to location choice, but do keep in mind that it is more difficult to carry on the stag holiday atmosphere for more than a week as they are typically connected with jam-packed partying. If you want a few days rest in the middle there’s certainly no dispute that you shouldn’t embrace a touch of relaxing sunbathing and good food but don’t forget to involve games beach games, dares, bar games, pub crawls and drinking games.

A helping hand for the groom to be:

Why not get some extra ideas for a stag do and keep the whole party happy. This can cut down on the expense normally associated with stag holidays.  Locations and costs vary but if you book early you will bet the best deal and avoid unwanted problems closer to the big day, and let the groom have enough time to get back to normal.

The best all inclusive stag do holidays will ideally take in all possibilities for the unforeseen situations, most stags want their holiday to go without problems and have fun from start to finish. Stick with and let everything go smoothly, book your stag holidays for May, 2018 today.


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