Boa Vista

Holiday Guide for Boa Vista, Cape Verde – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 6 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 1 hour ahead of GB
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Boa Vista, Cape Verdean Escudo

At a Glance

  • Serene and calm with a few local bars
  • Sunbathe and swim with complete tranquillity
  • Live shows with an unmistakable African beat
  • Incredible savings with all inclusive

All inclusive holidays in Boa Vista, Cape Verde is the home to the most amazing beaches on the many islands covering a stunning 55km. Boa Vista is nearest to the African mainland and is well-endowed not only for its dazzling beaches but also its marine life. Nightlife when on All Inclusive Boa Vista Holidays is serene and calm with only a scattering of local bars and restaurants.

Discover All Inclusive in Boa Vista to stand out amongst the most well-known islands in Cape Verde with its serene tropical surrounding. This destination extends for about 31km starting from north to south, and except for the volcanic developments, it is a moderately flat island.

The most intriguing shopping experience in the island of Boa Vista takes place in the street of Sal Mei market. The market stalls offer freshly caught fish and locally grown fruit. If nothing else strolling through the market is a fun cultural experience on its own.

Beaches in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

Santa Monica beach is partially inaccessible, with difficult tracks and only visiting in 4x4s is recommended. This ought not to keep holidaymakers from visiting this heavenly 18km stretch of sand. Tourists on holidays in Boa Vista can sunbathe and swim with complete serenity. You will rarely find other tourists, aside from the gentle waves that run peacefully across the fine white sand. Walking around this empty beach and coming across odd tourists every once in a while, is a pleasure for your senses.

Chaves beach is a stunning spot that provides a succession of ridges of sand that stretch. The desert unites with the beach, expanding it. The water colour is fascinating, with various tones of blue and turquoise.

Suitable for

Ideal for anybody hoping to get away from the busy city life. Any tourist worries will dissolve under the tropical African climate.

Holiday activities

Water sports are well-known on the Boa Vista island of Cape Verde and feature diving and sailing, canoeing and surfing. Another popular holiday activity is cycling around Boa Vista. The peaceful surrounding and the astonishing beaches are ideal if what you need is a relaxing holiday.

Visit the ships that sank on the shores of Cape Verde or go see the Morro Negro lighthouse, situated at the eastern region of the many islands.

Go watch whale and turtle, as Cape Verde is among the best holiday destination to do this.

Head to Sal Rei port and use any of the boats that will take you for a day trip to see the marine creatures. Use this opportunity to appreciate the island’s superb landscapes that you can see from the sea.


Whatever happens, don’t depart from your holidays in Boa Vista without tasting langostada. It is prepared with yummy lobsters that can be cooked in a few unique ways. It can be steamed, grilled with or without a sauce. There is likewise a lot of fish, skate, octopus, and a few types of eels.

Nightlife in Boa Vista, Cape Verde

While the island is quiet by day, the local people of Sal Rei jump-start things around evening time. There are great selections of bars that are turned into nightclubs and stay open until very late. The dance tunes are different from that of RnB and pop that are played in Europe. Tourists will listen to live songs with an unmistakable African beat that will keep you swaying all night long.

The best time to go

All inclusive holidays in Boa Vista offer ideal beach conditions throughout the year. Average temperatures never leave the mid-twenties. Winter comes with an average low temperature and a high in September. In the event that you need to see some astounding nature, you will commonly find the sea turtles between July and October.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde hotels

Tourists will find 1 to 5 stars hotels with incredible savings with our all inclusive in Boa Vista holiday package. A large number of standard hotels offer a quiet and relaxed environment with an extensive variety of amenities that are ideal for families and couples. Luxury holiday accommodations offer family friendly lodging with a variety of entertainment, sports and spectacular sea views. The budget holiday accommodations provide comfortable self-catering in a perfect destination, only minutes from the beach.

Boa Vista, Cape Verde Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

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Map of Boa Vista, Cape Verde

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