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  • Flight time: Approx 2-3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


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  • Sun bargains for March and April
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The school Easter holidays make the perfect excuse for family all inclusive holidays. At Easter the UK is still suffering from cool weather while the Mediterranean and further afield is beginning to heat up with lots of daily sunshine.

All inclusive Easter holiday deals give you the chance of a break away with your family during the Easter school holidays. This is a good time to travel as the crowds of the summer months are not quite there yet.

Where to take an Easter holiday break?

Easter signals the beginning of the holiday season for many of the Mediterranean countries. Even though Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands are popular all year round it is during the school Easter holidays really kick off. The two weeks of Easter sees even the smaller destinations spring into action.

Because all inclusive family holidays are popular during these 2 weeks have an effect in driving the prices up, with choice hotels selling out fast. If you wait until the last minute you will get Easter late deals or last minute bargain holidays over Easter. The one thing about waiting until the last minute before booking all inclusive holidays for Easter is that many of the best hotels are already taken. Waiting until the last minute will mean you will have to accept fight times and dates that you may not be really suitable.

If you need to travel on specific dates during the this period (for example to suit with the school holiday Easter break) then booking early is wise.

Our sun bargains for March and April

The Easter holiday dates change from year to year. However they will fall between late March and early April. Even so schools have a tendency to take their school holidays at Easter at around the same time as each other.  The consequence of this is that the demand for holidays is high during the couple of weeks around this period. Even if you are hoping to get a late deal or last minute bargain at Easter you will likely pay more than any other period of the year.

Why is Easter so expensive to go on holidays?

This is very easy to answer; the primary reason is after a long hard and often cold winter this provides the first chance for a holiday. The next reason is that schools tend to take the same period, supply and demand. There is a high demand with a limited amount of supply.

Dates for Easter

  • Easter Sunday date for 2017 is 16th April
  • Easter Sunday date for 2018 is 1st April
  • Easter Sunday date for 2019 is 21st April

All Inclusive Easter 2018 half term holidays for families

This is an increasingly popular period for families and is becoming one of the regular sun holidays that families go on every year. For some families two days at a local hotel may be enough but for others the sunny shores of Costa Blanca, Benidorm, Lanzarote and more Mediterranean destinations are on their list.




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