The AllinclusiveHolidays.com Guide to Holidays in Piana 2018/2019

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 1 hour from UK
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: French
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Charming Corsica mountain resort
  • Excellent for hiking
  • Dazzling landscapes and shores
  • Book today for 2018 or 2019
7 most popular holidays near Piana


Piana holidays

All Inclusive Piana holidays provide you with an incredibly dazzling village accompanied by remarkable location, around 950 ft. higher than the delightful western shores of Corsica, 9 miles to the south of Porto. Cheap All Inclusive Holidays in Piana have a peaceful, slow paced life. An appealing variety of stores, restaurants along with bars are generally sprinkled between whitewashed natural stone properties and petite streets.

Charming Corsica mountain resort

The complete town featuring its lovely town square plus excellent 1700s place of worship shapes an especially photogenic collection allowing fantastic sights on the coastline as well as mountain ranges. Piana holiday accommodation incorporates a handful of classy rural hotels. Enthusiasts of excellent cuisine together with wines just might discover holidays in Piana provide an exceptional choice of dining establishments. The Calanches of Piana is known as a UNESCO protected attraction area showcasing remarkable harsh pink, orange and red stone cliffs which drop towards the ocean.

Excellent hiking

Piana holidays can certainly with ease incorporate beaches combined with classic communities and also Corsica’s well-known trekking paths. Piana breaks provide an environmental root with regard to exceptional trekking. Ramblers on a break within Piana will love fantastic coastline hikes plus good trails inside the Niolo Valley, the entire Spelunca Gorge plus the Cinto Massif.

Dazzling landscapes

This brilliantly untamed landscape is actually abundant with birdlife. Birdwatchers along with the outdoors companions on a break throughout Piana need to check out the Scandola and Senino peninsulas. Sought after Piana get-away experiences contain communities such as Curzo, Chidazzu, Ota plus Evisa, often the charming port of Girolata and as well as charter boat adventures towards the Scandola Nature Park. Piana excursions will be essentially located for the purpose of discovering the wonderfully beautiful Gulf of Valinco also, the complete spectacular western seacoast of Corsica.

Unspoilt west-coast shores

Piana trips provide a great deal when it comes to non-walkers also. Remarkable roads go across the entire picturesque Calanches location, and it’s also a quick journey along towards a gorgeous port as well as unspoilt beaches. Just about all Piana family trips needs to include a visit to the well-liked beach resort of Porto along with cultural areas of Ajaccio and then Calvi. Fashionable Piana holiday beach locations feature Ficajola Beach plus Caspio Beach in the vicinity of Partinello. All the unspoilt shores close to Piana tend to be a perfect area for Corsica naturist holiday breaks.



Piana Weather

April 61°F
May 68°F
June 73°F
July 77°F
Aug 77°F
Sept 70°F
Oct 61°F
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