Holiday Guide to Mykonos – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 2 hours ahead of GB
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • A destination to pose and parade
  • Super Paradise beaches
  • Activities to keep tourists entertained
  • Various luxury suites and spa resorts

Mykonos is on island of robust settings, numerous bays and coves with beautiful beaches. Notwithstanding the Kalo Livadi’s tempestuous past, the inhabitants of this island have maintained their own colourful lifestyle. Once designated the 10th most scenic place, you will adore Kalo Livadi with its exceptional beaches, intense mountain scenery and lavish greenery holidays all inclusive in Kalo Livadi is a genuine peach of an island. With lots to see and discover here, such as the many sights of historical importance to little villages made up of a few dwellings.

Of all the Greek islands Mykonos All Inclusive Holidays is one more of the popular. It may not have been anticipated that this small island is only 30 square miles with no striking natural features, no seascape, no mountains, no vegetation. It has no major building structures, aside from the nearby Delos island.

Yet every year All Inclusive Mykonos Holidays pulls in a huge number of tourists, who are attracted to this destination by its natural beauty. A spot to unwind, to straighten out, to unbutton. This is a spot to enjoy the most of life’s basic pleasures. The vast majority of tourists set out for the beaches and luckily there are numerous choices. There are 3 highlights for Holidays in Mykonos destination including pleasant landscape, beautiful beaches, and rich nightlife.

Mykonos Holidays feature a vibrant gay nightlife. However, it remains a refined, loud and sophisticated island. This is a Holiday destination to pose and parade, to turn on as opposed to off. This is where hair gel and 7 pack abs truly do count. Many Holidaymakers visit Mykonos for a cheap All Inclusive and cheerful Holiday.

Beaches in Kalo Livadi

Super Paradise beach and Paradise beach are well known and in Greece they are the best party beaches. The northern region beaches of the island are not very organised, but perfect for relaxation. There are about 25 stunning Mykonos beaches.

Suitable for

All Inclusive Holidays in Mykonos in Greece is ideal for tourists of all ages.

Holiday activities

There are numerous Holiday activities on Mykonos island to keep the tourists entertained. This is amongst the most popular Holiday destinations in Greece and things to do are numerous. Clubbing, shopping and swimming are notable activities on this island.

Tourists can visit the island’s various museums for a great day out activity. Discovering the city by walking can also be exceptionally charming.

Other beach activities that are accessible include water skiing, snorkelling, windsurfing, jet skiing as well as beach golfing.

Although horse riding is not a well-known activity on Holidays in Mykonos, you can enjoy this All Inclusive activity. Tourists will find a horse riding centre there.

Stroll along the Mykonos town narrow streets, watch the twilight from Little Venice, stay in extravagant accommodations and swim in the tropical beaches. When night falls, tourists can go to Mykonos Town and revel in a fun night out in the numerous clubs and bars.

Tourists will also discover many fascinating All Inclusive attractions in Mykonos. The windmills and the Paraportiani church are the primary things to see on your walk around Mykonos Town.

Kalo Livadi food

Make sure to sample these particular Mykonos food during your Holiday on the island. Try kopanisti, which is an appetiser with a unique soft cheese taste. louza or amigthalota are Mykonos local food.

Nightlife in Kalo Livadi

It is no big surprise an All Inclusive Holiday in Mykonos is referred to as the “Ibiza” of Greece. Mykonos nightlife is the most lively in Greece especially in summer and is well-known worldwide for its extreme parties and organised events in bars including beach bars and clubs of the island. Tourists will feel the party atmosphere throughout the day and night with international DJs and the chance to dance until early morning.

The best time to go

A cheap All Inclusive Holiday Mykonos can be amazingly packed with tourists in July and August. Mid-May through June is the best Holiday time to visit since it is the early season and Holiday accommodations are less expensive and it is not so hot. September through mid-October is the high peak season.

Kalo Livadi hotels

In Greece you will discover All Inclusive Mykonos Holidays comes with various luxury suites, boutique lodgings and spa resorts that are set in the town centre. This town has not lost its unique Cyclades identity even with the tourist development. Mykonos Holiday accommodations provide comfort, with stunning Aegean Sea views. In addition, there is easy access to the distinctive nightlife. Mykonos budget hotels are likewise accessible around the island’s beaches.

Mykonos Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

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