San Donato di Ninea

The Guide for San Donato di Ninea Holidays 2018/2019, Calabria

Quick Details

  • Flight time: approx 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Undiscovered and full of natural beauty
  • Now taking bookings for June and August
  • Explore the two coastlines and the deserted mountain ranges
  • Reserve San Donato di Ninea before Monday for our keenest prices

Holiday guide to San Donato di Ninea, Calabria

All inclusive San Donato di Ninea holidays offer a rural sample of Calabria.  Calabria is a region of Italy which inhabits the south of the country, just below Naples. This is a small resort, which has a population of no more than 2,000 residents.

Our cheap all inclusive holidays in San Donatio di Ninea  are mostly located in the province of Cosenza which is the main city in Calabria, which is just 68km away. San Donatio di Ninea can be got to from Pisa and Naples airport, or from Palermo which is on the island of Sicily.

Undiscovered and full of natural beauty

With the typical harsh landscape of the Calabrian terrain, holidays in San Donato di Ninea will suit tourists wanting to encounter the Calabria region of rural southern Italy. What it lacks for in sophistication and tourist development it makes up in the natural beauty.

Day trips

Day trips can be arranged to cities such as Florence and Milan locally and while on your San Donato di Ninea holidays. If you are not staying in San Donato di Ninea but would like to see and experience rural Italy at its best there are many trips available to the surrounded by mountains.

The Coast

San Donato di Ninea is also within reach of each coast, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian. Cosenza is the main town to visit whilst on holiday in San Donato di Ninea. This resort offers an attractive old quarter overlooked by its very old castle. This is a delightful location where two rivers converge.

The Mountains

If you are into your outdoors there is a selection of all inclusive in San Donato di Ninea that you will love. What about heading for the Sila National Park to experience wonderful walking, hiking, fishing and camping holidays?

Explore the two coastlines and the deserted mountain ranges

San Donato di Ninea is in the unusually young in the tourist sense, which makes this an untouched region of Calabria. Holidays to San Donato di Ninea can offer access to miles of sandy beaches, bleak mountains and little hamlets that often appear to be lost in time.

Hiring a car is an excellent way to see the area and still enjoy San Donato di Ninea all inclusive holidays in the natural surroundings. The roads are largely good with nothing too far away.

Whether you are have one of the all inclusive villas, self-catering  apartment or bed and breakfast you can discover the exceptional cuisine of this region on while staying in San Donato di Ninea. Tastes will have a clear Greek influence, in the form of the local ingredients, vegetables and meat.

Our special offers and late deals in San Donato di Ninea booked before Saturday 24th Feb. a holiday to a rural part of Calabria, a region in southern Italy.



Calabria Weather

April 55°F
May 63°F
June 70°F
July 75°F
Aug 75°F
Sept 70°F
Oct 63°F


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