Lake Garda

The Guide for Lake Garda Holidays 2018/2019, Italy

Quick Details

  • Flight time: approx 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Italian
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Suitable for swimming and water sports
  • June and August family holidays available
  • Nightlife around Lake Garda is relatively laid back
  • Be quick, book before Saturday for cheapest deal

Four Good Reasons to Choose All Inclusive Lake Garda Holidays

All inclusive Lake Garda holidays will take you to the largest and most dramatic of all the Italian lakes. The beautiful resorts that surround the lake have delighted visitors for hundreds of years. Lake Garda began to be a popular holiday destination as far back as the times of the Roman and it’s been that way ever since.

The area of Lake Garda itself is long and slim with low, populated land to the south and towering mountains to the north. The clean and clear waters of Lake Garda are suitable for swimming and lots of water sports take place on the lake; from diving to windsurfing. Activities to enjoy while on all inclusive holidays in Lake Garda are wide and varied. You can cruise around the lake on a public steamer in around three hours. This is also the best way to see the surrounding villages, villas and gardens.

If you have hired a car for the duration of your holiday in Lake Garda you can drive round the lake in approximately four hours.

If you have chosen to stay in a hotel at Lake Garda (grab a cancellation for after Thu 15 March 2018)  is less than an hour’s transfer from Verona and therefore offers all the glories of rural Italy whilst still being accessible to one of the county’s most beautiful cities.

1. The premier destinations around Lake Garda include:

Riva Del Garda

This part of Lake Garda enjoys stunning mountains peaks and dramatic cliffs which provide the backdrop to this pretty lakeside village. The cobbled streets of the old resort are lined with cafes and charming shops. This Lake Garda resort’s focal point is its famous clock tower but it is upstaged by the 12th century fortress, which is set back from the resort.

Limone Sul Garda

As the name implies Limone is famous for growing lemons. Surrounded by grand mountains this attractive resort is full of cafe bars and restaurants, which come alive after dark. A holiday in Lake Garda by day here means exploring the narrow, winding streets crammed with historic buildings. Lemons are still grown here with some nearly as big as watermelons.


This part of Lake Garda is fantastic, a cable car will take you from the centre of Malcesine to see some of the most breathtaking views imaginable. At the foot of the hills the forests are here to be explored and walkers will enjoy strolling through this beautiful natural wonderland. All inclusive in this Lake Garda resort has an air of sophistication about it which is reflected in the up market cafe bars and lake side restaurants.

2. Families with kids:


Gardaland is the biggest amusement park in Italy, and you can find it at the southern part of the Lake Garda. There are endless rides, eateries and things to do making it an ideal spot to enjoy family holidays in Lake Garda. Gardaland will keep even the most hard-to-please of kids busy. The park is set in beautiful landscaped gardens.


Waterland waterpark is especially suited for families and is found in the midst of one of the most beautiful areas of Lake Garda. All inclusive holidays here enjoys numerous attractions, including water slides, a small size football field, mini golf, trampolines and video games.

3. Nightlife

In general holiday nightlife around Lake Garda is relatively laid back, but there is usually a pleasant evening buzz around each resort’s concentration of cafe bars and restaurants. Most nights, particularly in the summer as the sun goes down on, Lake Garda holidays wakens to a lively soundtrack of conversation and laughter.

If you want something more upbeat you may have to look a little harder but there are a handful of nightclubs dotted around the Lake Garda holiday resorts.

4.  More ideas for Lake Garda

Wine and olive oil are among Lake Garda’s best buys. Wines to try are locally produced Valpolicella, Soave and Valdadige Pinot Grigio. The best place to buy olive oil is at the family run Specialitá gastronomiche, which is situated on the road between Lake Garda and Verona.

Many of the cheap all inclusive Lake Garda holiday resorts have numerous shops selling everything from souvenirs to local crafts. Italians are known the world over for being constantly and consistently well-dressed. Italians, particularly Italian women, generally sacrifice comfort for style and elegance. Consequently Lake Garda has a choice of fashion boutiques retailing outstanding quality clothes at fashionably high prices, including Prada, Calvin Klein and Gucci. However, if you really want to shop till you drop Verona has an endless array of retail establishments at more affordable prices .

A large open-air market travels around the different Lake Garda holiday resorts. It comes to Riva del Garda on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month. It mainly sprawls along Via Dante and Via Pilati. You can purchase almost anything here, from alpine handicrafts to busts of Mussolini.



Italy Weather

April 55°F
May 63°F
June 70°F
July 75°F
Aug 75°F
Sept 70°F
Oct 63°F


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