Holiday Guide Marrakech, Morocco – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 3 hours 40 minutes from UK
  • Time difference: Same as UK
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Moroccan dirham

At a Glance

  • Take your time to explore Marrakech
  • Lots of attractions
  • 4 and 5 star hotels worth the money
  • Experience the noisy bazaars


All inclusive Marrakech holidays are for the enthusiastic holidaymakers seeking a cheap and often luxurious stay in a fantastic city of exceptional wonders, resonances and fragrances with a spirit securely embedded in Africa. Split between a New Town and Old Town designed by the French and often seen on old movies about the Foreign Legion and their outposts in Morocco. Sited away from the sea and overlooked by the enormous Atlas Mountains you will soon discover why sends more tourists on cheap all inclusive holidays in Marrakech than in any other resort.

A Traditional Resort

You will not only see many of the locals dressed traditional djellabah robes but you will soon see that Marrakech is just as you would imagine Morocco from the past. You will come across the locals dashing around on their bicycles which would not look out of place on the set of Harry Potter. It is amazing to see taxis follow the fully loaded horse-drawn carts and crowds of people as they crocodile through the small lanes, it is all quite an experience once away from your luxury all inclusive hotel on the peripheries of Marrakech.

Worth Seeing Attractions

Marrakech holidays have many appealing fascinations in this, formerly a centre of control with a fantastic selection of memorials reflecting its triumphant years. Concealed within the extraordinary fortifications and imposing city gates are palaces and tombs containing adornments and tributes. Take a break from your holiday and take a tour of the grand gardens that provide a welcome time-out from the hullabaloo of the city centre.

Take it easy

This, once the central point of an important kingdom, Marrakech is placed at the junction separated by the Sahara desert and the peaks of Atlas Mountains. Still a super place for lavish all inclusive holidays, Marrakech is one of those destinations that price outweighs the value and extravagance that your accommodation offers. To really appreciate and experience this city, no matter how long your stay, 7, 10 or 14 nights it is essential to adjust to Marrakech tempo and allocate yourself time to dawdle at Morocco speed.

Get a Good Guide

Your hotel will arrange a good guide to show you the treasures that behold this fantastic resort. The splendour of Marrakech is there to be unearthed and appreciated, but it is often out of sight and must be hunted out. You absolutely must take a trip to one of the famous noisy bazaars that makes an all inclusive in Marrakech so desirable. It is everything and more than you could imagine, the sound of the snake charmers pungi and the sounds of the muezzin from the mosque calling the inhabitants to prayer five times a day.

All Summed up

A holiday in Marrakech will take you to an enchanted city that will inebriate your mind with the combination of bouquets of fragrances and traditional supplies, bizarre zests with an indigenous touch.

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Map of Marrakech, Morocco

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