Pineda de Mar

Holiday Guide Pineda de Mar – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2-3½ hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • High standard of Accommodation
  • A relaxing setting
  • A variety of activities
  • June, July or August ideal for families

Unwind in the quietness of the soft air floating over all inclusive Pineda de Mar holidays where life is slow and easy. Booking is straight forward with and gives a peace of mind with only a small amount of spending money needed for those luxury items and outings. You may be tucked away at the south of Costa Brava but good transport links leave days away a cheap option for getting to the famous sights and delights of Spain. Hotels are well equipped for leisure time and pampering which can be very inviting after a long day in the sun. Cheap all inclusive holidays in Pineda de Mar are a great reminder of Spanish life with pretty little town squares, lovely churches and a fabulous working harbour.

With nearby water parks, fun amusements and a dophinarium the little ones can be spoilt with a few exciting days out before retreating back to the calm routine of the hotel timetable. Escaping the large crowds is easy on Pineda de Mar holidays with almost empty beaches to take over for the afternoon. Menus and dining is much more authentic on holidays in Pineda de Mar with fresh fish and traditional dishes very popular. Good evening entertainment in the hotel complex certainly compliments a relaxing night to wind down with a few nibbles before bed.

The main train connecting the Costa Brava coastline resorts is a fantastic way of seeing around for a small fare. Watch out for the lovely beaches and busy resorts en route before stopping at your favourite spot for coffee and sightseeing. With views all around you why not enjoy an early morning cuppa right from your balcony with all inclusive Pineda de Mar holidays where beauty and aura wraps the whole resort. A light lunch can be arranged to take with you on all inclusive holidays Pineda de Mar for a trip to the natural park in the countryside where pathways and stony trails reveal lots of photogenic moments. Autumn time is perfect for walks with cheap deals in October and November for a bargain break away.

Pineda de Mar Weather

April 60°F
May 70°F
June 77°F
July 81°F
Aug 81°F
Sept 77°F
Oct 66°F
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Map of Pineda de Mar

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