Holiday Guide to Belek, Turkey – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 4½ hours from the UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of the UK
  • Language: Turkish
  • Currency: Turkish Lira

At a Glance

  • Quiet resort with beautiful seafront hotels
  • Beaches are well kitted out for water-sports
  • Nightlife is mainly restricted to hotels
  • August is the best month to visit

Brief Description

Cheap Belek holidays are ideal for tourists traveling to the Turkey Mediterranean Sea. Belek is set within the eastern region of Antalya province. The quiet resort is surrounded by thick pine forest and is a real gem. Many of the beautiful seafront hotels in Belek offer all inclusive holiday packages. The hotels feature exclusive stretches of beach. Sun worshipers will love this great destination.

All inclusive Belek holidays feature a rich culture, extensive sands and a number of excellent sports facilities. It does not matter whether you want to sample some of the adrenaline charged water-sports in the area such as windsurfing, mountain climbing, rafting, skiing, try your hand on the first-class golf course or absorb the sunlight on the beaches, charming Belek is up to the task.


Belek attracts beach fans from around the globe. Its glowing sandy beaches get picked up for various awards due to their unequalled beauty and magnificent clear water. The beaches you can enjoy while on holidays in Belek are equipped for sports entertainment with many of the beaches providing various water-sports such as para-sailing, dinghy sailing and pedalos for their guests.

Suitable for

Everyone will like to experience Belek holiday in Turkey, including those seeking to enjoy lazy days lying on a beach and golfers.

Belek Hotels

There are great selections of hotels to find yourself a cheap all inclusive in Belek. Belek features many luxurious hotels that go round the region and line the long sandy beach. The Hotel Riu Kaya in Belek, Turkey provides 5 star services to tourists, making this location so special. Guests staying at Calista Luxury Resort will have easy access to Garden of Tolerance and Carya Golf Club. Guests can have fun at the Susesi Luxury Resort which is a beautiful hotel on the tranquil area of Belek’s coast.

Activities and sight attractions

Belek is located near a number of fascinating attraction sites with various interesting activities on offer for tourists. The ruins of Perch, a Roman town is a fascinating place to visit. The amphitheatre in Aspendos is a well preserved ancient place to see.

Belek food

The local restaurants in Belek are called lokanta. Popular among the locals are the small pieces of liver that are fried in deep fat. Vegetarians can eat cucumber that comes with special sauce prepared from delicate herbs and yogurt. Other appetizers are eggplant caviar, nuts, chicken pate, prunes, nuts, eggplant caviar and bean salad. Spicier food fans will really enjoy the spicily flavoured cheese bagels and spicy tomato paste.


Belek holiday nightlife is restricted to the large all inclusive hotels. Many of these hotels have their very own bars, entertainment and nightclubs. Since the majority of the nightclubs are within the region of Belek hotels, there are many shows for tourists, discos and colourful theme parties. Some clubs play music till daybreak.

The best time to go

The hottest month for families to enjoy holidays all inclusive in Belek is July and January is the coldest. August is the best month to visit with the average temperature at 28°C, ideal for swimming in the sea.

The breathtaking, luxurious Diamond Hill hotel is where holiday dreams are granted. The hotel is situated along the lovely coast of the Mediterranean in Belek. The hotel features fantastic views in a beautiful environment across the ocean.

Belek, Turkey Weather

April 53°F
May 61°F
June 67°F
July 72°F
Aug 72°F
Sept 66°F
Oct 57°F
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Map of Belek, Turkey

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