New Year Holidays

The Guide for New Year Holidays 2021/2022, All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Short Haul: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Medium Haul: Approx 5 – 6 hours from UK
  • Long haul: Over 6 hours from the UK
  • Holiday Durations: 7, 10, 14 & 21 Nights


At a Glance

  • More popular than ever
  • Escape the cold and rain of the British winter
  • A good time of year to go somewhere hot
  • Head for gorgeous snow-white sands

More popular than ever, All Inclusive New Year Holidays

Going overseas on All Inclusive New Year Holidays is growing in popularity each year. Resorts throughout the world open their doors to hordes of holidaymakers eager to put the Christmas Holidays behind them and start the Ney Year the way they hope to continue.

The cheaper destinations will be to the typical Mediterranean resorts of Benidorm, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Malta; they may not have the heat of the more glamorous destinations of the Caribbean in Cuba or the Dominican Republic,  and Florida but are well worth the difference in money.

New Year All Inclusive holidays have a tendency to always sell at the full price and New Year holiday offers and late deal holidays are pretty uncommon.  It has to be said the while holidays for the New Year are more popular than at any time in the past, and has become even more popular holidays than at Christmas is probably why prices are so high – demand and supply for New Year sun holidays.

All Inclusive Holidays New Year for two-week holidays and including Christmas is popular

As the day of the week that the New Year falls on differs every year makes it hard to compare the prices from previous years. As popularity increases you can vary your days or take a few days extra at no extra cost. Difficulties arise with the flights; these are mainly scheduled and only operate on certain days of the week.

A handy tip on how to get a cheap all inclusive New Year’s holiday is to look for destinations that fly on New Year’s days; these are going to be cheaper than similar holidays travelling before this day. You will find most times when flights happen on New Year’s Day that tourists have decided to travel on Christmas Day (which will be slightly cheaper) and taken advantage of this for a mammoth two week Christmas and New Year holiday.

The most expensive holidays that will combine 2 weeks covering Christmas and the New Year is when you travel during the 5 day period before Christmas. This means a you will get a holiday that combines the Festive celebration and a holiday for the New Year.

The ideal way to take a break from the cold and rain of the British winter

Lots of tourists will take the chance to escape the winter cold of the UK and head to sunnier climates on a holiday over the New Year holiday period. Many families have discovered that if you take a luxurious family holiday covering the New Year and Christmas is actually a cheaper and less stressful than if you stay at home. Just buy a small gift to acknowledge the occasion but spend real family time in the sun.

New Year is the best time of year to go somewhere hot

Celebrate in style for a New Year 2022 holiday, or book an all inclusive holiday for the 2023 New Year is one of the best ways to cover restricted number of days off work.  Commemorate 2022 New Year on a beach in Mexico or Jamaica. Getting married during the New Year? How about taking family members along with you and celebrate the New Year while getting married.


New Year Weather

Cuba 77°F
Dominican Republic 81°F
Mexico 75°F
Majorca 50°F
Lanzarote 64°F
Cyprus 55°F
Costa del Sol 53°F

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Map of Mediterranean for New Year

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