December Destinations

The Guide to Top 5 Destinations in December

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 3 hours+
  • Time difference: +1 GMT
  • Language: Spanish and Arabic
  • Currency: Euro and Egyptian Pound


At a Glance

  • The Canaries for December is popular
  • Tasty treats offered in all hotels
  • Entertainment all day
  • Will appeal to tourists without young kids
Destinations for December


Escaping the cold or getting an early festive Christmas Holiday treat? no matter which one it is, All Inclusive December holidays are a very good month to go on holiday. Popular destinations include the top of the pile a Canary Island getaway. More destinations to book include holidays to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, and Lanzarote. Other destinations popular in December include Sharm El Sheikh and Majorca work out equally well, too. Collectively, each of these five hotspots revel our top selling within our range.

It’s relatively simple to figure out the reason why all those locations encounter lots of enthusiasts – weather conditions, beaches, all of the sights, this list is truly huge.

We believe once you arrive you should sample some of the local delicacies that will be offered in your all inclusive accommodation for December. Just about every holiday location provides a good culinary plan and there is an importance of domestic recipes that will give you the tastes that you will never get if you stay at home.

Here’s our top five destinations in December and what specialities to eat once you get there

  1. Menorca

All Inclusive Holidays in Menorca for December invests a unique twist with regards to a number of Mediterranean favourites. Pan Con Tomate is quite comparable to bruschetta. Just like the Italian variation, it’s a good thick white piece of bread toasted, applied with fresh garlic. The key difference, although, is based on the rammellet tomatoes that happen to be enjoyed – they furnish this platter an extremely well-defined flavouring.

The region also offers a unique type of paella. Paella o Fidua – basically interpreted as rice and seafood – is usually the normal blend of sea food placed straight into rice. For an additional Menorcan recipe consider Arroz caldos amb peix – this is basically fish wit rice stew which is made with the freshest fish.


  1. Tenerife

At the top of the check-list of need to try cuisine in December on all inclusive in Tenerife is undoubtedly Rabbit in Salmorejo Sauce. This is a delicious dish which is commonly marinated with red wine, fresh garlic as well as seasoning to allow it an excellent taste. It’s simmered for a long time, to make it so juicy it virtually melts in your mouth. Cheese lovers might also like to get taste a little bit of goats’ cheese.

The locals around Tenerife are extremely happy about this specific great goats cheese, and they’re in a growing crowd vocal in its good remarks, all around the world people are gradually learning of the excellent cheese from Tenerife. Try a meal in any of the all inclusive holidays in Tenerife, at many of the island’s hotel restaurants and you’ll get it on the menu in addition to an ample serving of tomato salsa

  1. Lanzarote

Holidays to Lanzarote in December aren’t 100 % if you don’t try Canarian wrinkly potatoes, Papas Arrugadas. These are are the regions most associated with dish. The magic formula relies on the actual salty crusting which develops around the skin. They’re dished up together with a mojo sauce, which provides a hot and spicy taste.

Don’t be concerned should you not be a fan of hot sauces – there’s a natural variation containing herbal products that’s a lot less severe.

  1. Fuerteventura

Seafood is the top of the diet for December around Fuerteventura on holiday and, within the fishing community of Corralejo around the island’s northern coastline, sea food tend to be top. There’s actually a once a year sea food festival.

Sea food may possibly not be the favourite dish around the United Kingdom; nevertheless the organic, tasty types you’ll get in Fuerteventura really are a complete world away from any processed options here. Of course, if you purchase these from your grocery store seafood kiosk, they’re fairly gentle on your pockets, as well. Barbecue a huge dishful of sea food along with lemon, dish out with a bit of fresh garlic mayonnaise, and you’ve discovered a pretty simple meal.

  1. Red Sea

December in the Red Sea’s all inclusive hotels would be better recognised for their soft sand beaches plus top class scuba diving area, however the food items there warrants equally as much consideration. Lamb kofta kebabs are classified as the region’s meals of preference. Lamb is grilled using a skewer, dished up along with flat bread then dunked in a serving of creamy, rich tasting tahini sauce.

When it comes to puddings, Umm Ali is the best of the rest. It’s generally Egyptian delicious pastry dessert. Made with produced from phyllo pastry, milk, cream, almonds which is occasionally smothered in raisins, dusted in sucrose then coconut pieces.

Average Weather

Tenerife 68°F
Gran Canaria 72°F
Fuerteventura 70°F
Sharm El Sheikh 77°F
Majorca 59°F
Lanzarote 70°F
Ibiza 58°F


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