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  • Adventure at Europe’s beach
  • During pregnancy, with baby or with toddlers
  • Families and Couples
  • Long haul romantic luxury ideas


Everybody has their specific impressions of what formulates a dream holiday and with the whole world to pick from the only restrictions to your holiday ideas is your own creativity. To take the guess work out of it we will include some of our opinions, which are only our holiday suggestions, the actual concept and design of your holiday will be entirely up to you.

If you are on a budget or need something specific such as an idea of where to go on holiday during pregnancy or holiday suggestions for families or couples you may prefer to go somewhere not too far away in Europe. Springing to mind straight away for destinations in Europe you plan for a holiday to is Portugal

For those ultra-special occasions you can get help with to stimulate a brainwave with our points of view, especially when making plans for a holiday for your spouse’s 50th birthday or a for 40th birthday celebration. Depending on your budget and time of year there are fabulous destinations to choose from for those special occasion birthdays and anniversaries. Popular and not to costly way of thinking for somewhere to go will be any of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. For magnificent and stunning beaches cheaply an idea will be Costa del Luz in Spain, Crete in Greece and the talcum powder beaches of the French island of Corsica. Whereas If cost is no object then how about a holiday to Dubai, Cayman Islands in the Caribbean or a tiny island in the Maldives for an idea.

Ideas for your lads holiday

If lively entertainment is on your agenda then lads summer holiday ideas could be Ibiza the party capital – Magaluf’s Majorca – The Greek Islands such as Malia in Crete and Faliraki in Rhodes. These destinations provide nonstop entertainment suitable for any young and lively holiday.

Water sports are a good suggestion to include on any holidays. Ideas abroad can include Italy and the Italian lakes, with so many special destinations in Italy and the relatively short flight makes perfect sense whether it is during the months during February, March and April as good as June, July and August.


A great up and coming holiday destination you get a good sense for is Croatia with prices for 2 weeks starting from under £100 per day for a family of 5 with 1 or 2 year olds certainly makes holiday ideas cheap. Other popular holiday opinions all-inclusive resorts will all have plenty of water activities from water-skiing to paragliding, banana boats and jet-skiing. The water temperatures in destinations such as Mexico, USA Florida, Hawaii and Cuba make splashing around in the surf a thrilling way to fill the afternoons on honeymoon

The essential holiday Guide

If you would like to try all inclusive twin centre holidays in stylish cities where young people will discover and have fun in the best shopping centres, restaurants and sight-seeing attractions then how about Madrid and Barcelona in Spain or in Asia combining Sri Lanka and the Maldives, perfect for honeymoons.

Our latest questionnaire for last minute adventure holiday ideas for May half term with a baby abroad was no surprise with the answers.

Top ideas were as follows:

  • Holiday Type: family all inclusive board
  • Collection: beach and culture
  • Destinations in order of popularity was
    1. Spain
    2. Venice
    3. New York
    4. Cuba
    5. Ibiza
    6. Santorini
    7. Italy
    8. Algarve
    9. France
    10. The Lakes

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