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Holiday Beach in Tenerife

Quick Details

  • Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Relishing in continual sunshine
  • Dark sand beaches are an intense background to clear seas
  • Visit Loro Park at Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Family holidays in Tenerife give lots of activities

Good reasons to check-out Tenerife with an all inclusive holiday

The travel arrangements, holiday accommodation as well as food and drinks will be covered on all inclusive holidays to Tenerife 2021. Having the important things taken care of, the way you use the remainder of your family holiday budget depends on you and your family – browsing for souvenirs, sampling different alcoholic beverages around the complex or maybe seeing the local attractions. Below are a few suggestions to help you get up and running…

By having a Tenerife all inclusive holiday at Christmas, summer or winter will mean every one of your meals as well as all your drink is already paid for, in order that you do not need to pay to appreciate your meals. And you will discover that a number of hotel activities along with fun will be covered as well. Consequently from the first day to when flying back, you’ll be able to appreciate plenty of what you want.

What is included on an all inclusive holiday in Tenerife March?

  • Limitless local alcoholic drinks
  • Every meal
  • Your snacks, fizzy drinks, coffee and tea
  • Activities in addition to entertainment

It is all totally covered in advance with an All Inclusive holiday. We are looking at food, drinks along with entertainment. Therefore, it’s really a lot simpler to plan prior to going, however when you reach your destination, you’ll be able to chill out and start the essential portion – having a good time.

All inclusive holidays to Tenerife definitely produce a cheaper break. You will find waterparks, duty-free shopping, late-night celebrations and plenty of beaches…

Get a last-minute dash for Friday 29th Jan to the seaside or arrange some time in the hot sunshine, you will be certain to get an all inclusive holiday to Tenerife you want. We’ve moved beyond expenses along with day to day cost management, and alternatively are contented with the truth that your primary holiday expenditures are going to be settled before you’ve actually reached the airport.

What resorts can I enjoy for my holiday in Tenerife 2021

Take your stuff then allow us to look after what’s left. Our all inclusive Tenerife holidays take care of a fantastic escape for next to nothing. We’ve picked up all inclusive holidays flying out to Tenerife to resorts like, Costa Adeje, Playa De Las Americas, Puerto de la Cruz and more flying from UK airports including Gatwick.

Alternatively, if you’re on the lookout for something in particular for your upcoming holiday, think about an all-inclusive break to Tenerife for adults only or how about a 5 star all inclusive to Tenerife in March where you can sit back, with the knowledge that every one of your major bills are already taken care of.

Costa Adeje Tenerife

All inclusive trips really are a relaxing means of going for a holiday, for that reason try a genuinely cheap break and allow AllinclusiveHolidays to look after your travel arrangements, hotels, food planning and all sorts of modest features as well.

We’ve got many fantastic late deals all inclusive deals to suit your needs departing earlier than April, 2021

A great deal of interesting attractions will keep the kids happy, including an Aqua Park, zoo, adventure park, parrot farm and massive lido, whilst whale and dolphin spotting boat-trips are a common excursion for everyone.

The resorts of Tenerife vary dramatically in ambiance, from noisy and boisterous to sedate and authentic, and whilst often English cuisine, karaoke and excessive beer April be the norm in a number of major resorts, traditional Spanish tapas and locally-made wine can be found in the typical Canarian taverns throughout the smaller less-developed regions of Tenerife.

Puerto de la Cruz

Tenerife Flights – Information & advise

  • Flights to Tenerife operate from almost all airports in the UK.
  • There are a range of Tenerife flights available including chartered flights, scheduled flights & budget flights.
  • The duration of a holiday flight to Tenerife is approximately 4hrs 15mins.
  • Flights to Tenerife operate all year long round.
  • The majority of flights to Tenerife are direct and do not involve any stop-overs for refuelling.
  • Flights to Tenerife land either at Tenerife Reina Sofia Airport or simply Tenerife Norte.
  • The airport code for Tenerife Reina Sofia is TFS
  • The airport code for Tenerife Norte is TFN
  • Flights to Tenerife are desirable all over the winter period as Tenerife weather is appealing for winter sun getaways.

Things to do while holidaying in Tenerife May 2021


Try the amazing array of evening leisure available due to most major resorts offering something to suit all tastes. From authentic English pubs, different cabaret, live music areas and happening clubs and discos, young and old are well catered for. Try your luck at a casino or simply appreciate a themed evening of wining and dining and eating out like the long-time treasured “Pirates” show.

Amusement Parks and Sea Parks

Have a fun new day out having all the family at one of many best-selling theme and sea parks located in Tenerife. Experience thrilling rides and child pleasant things to do at a sea park and even witness nature in action at a wildlife park or perhaps aquarium, both easily accessible and educational.

Loro Park

Water sports

Aquatic adventures are a major attraction for Tenerife’s most holidaymakers and visitors and are available in all seaside hotels. Offshore breezes supply appealing conditions for kite surfing or alternatively parascending and jet skiing can be a fantastic activity to practice here. Tenerife also offers some unique and thrilling rides not found elsewhere on Europe’s sandy beaches similar to BOB diving that’s an underwater scooter or simply venture below the surface with a submarine journey.

Classic Villages

Leave the bustling seaside resorts behind and relax and take a 24 hours trip to a classic sleepy Canarian hamlet. Observe cultural monuments, ornate churches and exciting cobbled village squares where daily living continues untouched by mass tourism. Sample scrumptious regionally produced cheeses and wine or observe traditional basket weaving and adornments being practised.

Mount Teide National Park

A visit towards the towering peak of Mount Teide is one of the most awe inspiring and best-selling new day trips for tourists. Sitting proudly at over 3700 metres it truly is the highest point in Spain due to a quaint lunar landscape covered in volcanic ash. Go on a cable car drive towards the summit and experience incredible views all over the rest of Tenerife and beyond.

mount teide tenerife


Golf remains an enjoyable escape pastime, best enjoyed under azure skies and in gorgeous surroundings. Always best-selling with tourists, golfing facilities could be found everywhere and may be played throughout the year round. You will discover numerous courses set close to seashore accommodations which in turn make the most of their natural beauty, with pretty cliff best links courses and mountain scenery.


Holiday Weather in Tenerife

Tenerife weather

The climate in Tenerife is among the islands’ main sight-seeing opportunities, appealing most tourists to its shores year-round long. With its position in the Atlantic, only off the north coast of Africa, Tenerife – known as the Island of Eternal Spring – enjoys a pleasant temperature in both the sun and wintertime, which makes it an outstanding selection for a family trip at any time of year.

Puerto De La Cruz promenade

The coastal areas of Tenerife receive the best weather, due to the southern area and the west enjoying the most sunny days, averaging around 11 hours a new day in the summer months.

Tenerife conditions – An ultimate year-long conditions, fantastic in both wintertime or alternatively sunny

The temperature all year round vary very little on Tenerife, and the island is known for having the lowest average temperature ‘difference’ between the seasons anywhere in the whole world, along with temperatures ranging from 15c in the winter around 24c in the best. Even on its hottest days, the temperature on Tenerife rarely gets higher compared to 28-30c, making for an extremely pleasant and cosy stay for travellers.

The north-easterly trade wind gusts ensure the weather conditions on Tenerife stay constant, and add several welcome breezes, which are generally stronger during the wintertime. Tenerife does not contain a rainy season, but the island does see an occasional shower between November and March.

Weather in Tenerife – Dry and hot in the southern area, more rainy and cooler in the north

Divided by a mountain range, the climate on Tenerife does vary depending on setting on the island. The southern region provides a dry climate, and tends to be hotter and sunnier as compared to the north, making it a much more popular tourist choice.

North Tenerife features a bit wetter environment, and is home to a much greener landscape, total of lush vegetation like banana plantations, and sometimes sees a little cloud. The volcano El Teide in the centre of the island, boasting a busy of almost 4000m, can be seen from many beach locations and quite often remains snow-capped.


Tenerife Weather

January 69°F
February 69°F
March 69°F
April 70°F
May 74°F
June 78°F
July 83°F
August 83°F
September 81°F
October 78°F
November 74°F
December 70°F


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