Holiday Guide Barbados, Caribbean – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 10 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 4 hours behind UK
  • Language:Dutch and Papiamento
  • Currency:Barbadosn florin (US Dollar also accepted)


At a Glance

  • Plush hotels with terrific facilities
  • Choices for car hire, restaurants and tours
  • Stunning coastlines backed by coconut palms
  • Varied nightlife catering for all ages and tastes


Barbados, a tropical, relaxing island nestled deep in the Caribbean, perfect for a calming holiday alone or with friends or family. With temperatures averaging a toasty 31°C in the summer months, this tropical getaway is full of sun and fun! Famous for its dynamic resorts and crystal clear ocean with exotic coral reefs and fish, it isn’t hard to see why is so popular for an all inclusive Barbados holiday. Barbados is perfect for British tourists and with some familiar and traditional events encountered, like cricket elegant afternoon tea. Holidays in Barbados will provide a good opportunity to meet the friendly locals or spend bonding time with friends and family.

What to See

Holidays in Barbados, all inclusive style offers an excellent chance to appreciate and interact with the attractions the island has to offer. If you are lucky enough to book one of our cheap holidays all inclusive in Barbados close to the coast, why not visit the beach? The golden, almost silky sand will warm your feet and the sea is an enormous liquid sheet with turquoise tranquillity which is perfect for swimming, scuba diving and even surfing! You could even visit the island’s traditional and historic locations. For example, why not take a trip to Harrison’s cave? It is an immense, illuminating grotto with rocks that hang from the roof like icicles and trickling streams that lead into gigantic pools of water, or if that is too extreme for your taste, take a tour at St. Nicholas Abbey. It is a time-worn house built in the 1600s, it looks spectacular with its cream coloured walls and antique furniture, some of it even dates back to 1810! No matter where you stay in Barbados, you will be sure of plenty of tours and sightseeing within a matter of miles of your hotel.

Resorts and Hotels

There are a huge amount of luxury resorts and all inclusive hotels in Barbados; there will always be one for you! A Barbados holiday can be modern, traditional, family based and a whole bunch of other options!

Turtle Beach is a well-known all inclusive luxury resort based in Barbados. A few things it includes are a swimming pool, gym, restaurant and a tennis court. There is a kid’s club which includes traditional and fun activities for your little ones while you can relax in the spa or soak up some sun at the private beach.

Maybe try Sandy Lane Hotel? It is a five star Barbados hotel in the heart of Saint James Parish. This could be the perfect holiday in Barbados for all the family, offering a range of activities like tennis and circuits. You can even hire a personal trainer! The view is amazing; your room will most likely be looking out onto a vast sandy beach with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Food and Drink
A trip to Barbados will offer a delicious choice of Bajan food, the traditional Barbados food. Seafood is very popular with such things like Flying fish, shrimp, lobsters and even shark are fished fresh for meals every day and served up for a delicious holiday platter. Vegetables are also grown and picked in gardens all around the island.

The seafood and meat will often be complimented with vegetables such as spinach, sweet potatoes and onions, maybe even more exotic vegetables such as cassava, breadfruit and okras.

Onto the drinks, as you could well imagine, all inclusive Barbados holidays pull no punches here with what can only be described as exciting and refreshing inclusive drinks. The sorrel drink is an example of one of just one type; it is a traditional drink, often drunk at Christmas. It is made with sorrel, cloves, ginger, orange zest, sugar and boiling water and of course the magic ingredient of rum is also added.


The fun actually doubles on Barbados holidays when the sun goes down. The nightlife on vacations in Barbados is very varied and caters to all age-groups and tastes. You have a wide variety of night-time activities to choose from right from sipping cocktails in bars, to candlelight dinners and dinner shows to discos. Most of the evening entertainment in Barbados revolves around St. Lawrence Gap and the Bay Street. The nightclubs here usually have live bands playing reggae, calypso and Caribbean music to international hits. Those looking for an evening of romance can opt for the romantic cruises or hire a catamaran.

When to go:

The busiest season for holidays – all inclusive in Barbados is from December to mid-April. During this time the Barbados Jazz festival, Holetown festival and Holders season are the festivities to look out for. The temperatures on an average throughout the year remain between 20°C and 25°C. Thus, you can also plan on visiting Barbados anytime of the year, why only in peak season. During February, March and April through to June, the weather is quite comfortable and the Gospelfest takes place. While during July, August and September through to November you might experience a little rain but everything.

Barbados Weather

April 81°F
May 81°F
June 81°F
July 81°F
Aug 81°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 81°F
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Map of Barbados, Caribbean

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