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Quick Details

  • Short-haul Flight time: Less than five hours
  • Long-haul Flight time: More than five hours
  • Early Booking: Reserve in advance for free children spaces.

Great Choices

  • Choose All Inclusive or self-catering
  • Worldwide and single parent holiday deals
  • Child-friendly disability hotels
  • Advice for travelling with a Physical Impairment

Why go All Inclusive

For families that have a disabled member and wish for an enjoyable holiday where they are able to get the most from experiencing everything they require in one location – All Inclusive disability holidays  are ideal. Settling the sum of the  trip prior to leaving will mean you will find the reassurance of knowing all meals, drink, activities and entertainment has already been covered in the price , so that all you have left to carry out will be relax and then have a great time! Enjoy breaks in Mainland Spain or Canary Islands for the disabled.

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Why go Self-catering

There are lots of advantages to deciding on a self-catering holiday for disabled. Self-catering holidays provide flexibility to look around the region as well as the freedom to be able to taste a few of the local dishes from the community dining establishments. This can be a hassle-free choice for mobility impaired persons who would like to manage their holiday finances as well as organise anything they pay out while you are abroad.

The Balearics and Greece are popular self-catering holidays for the disabled.

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Single Parent

For family getaways as a single parent with a disabled child, AllinclusiveHolidays provide cheap deals since there are very little double occupancy charges. If you need an incredible beach holiday, we have now around 75 child-friendly disability hotels in stunning destinations that include Turkey, the Costa del Sol as well as Tenerife and Lanzarote. Select the ideal resort to unwind, delight in quality time and watch your funds go a lot more.

Worldwide Holiday Deals for the Disabled

You will get away at a lower price using AllinclusiveHolidays.com. Take advantage of some of our incredible all inclusive disability holiday bargains or, for that late availability getaway, take a look at some of our late deals  and discover wonderful offers over a choice of well-liked locations, you’re sure to discover something that may accommodate both your impairment needs as well as your price range.

You can enjoy top Worldwide Holiday Destinations suitable for people with disabilities.

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Advice when Travelling with a Physical Impairment

Make certain that everybody – from the company you purchase the holiday from through to the airport personnel understands precisely what your requirements happen to be, both in the airport terminals and throughout your flights. Airline along with ground staff are usually exceptionally reliable whenever provided with decent instructions.


While in check-in, request the particular seating best suited to suit your needs – bulkhead (much more legroom), portable arm rests, near to the lavatory etc.


Wheelchair users, carry your personal tools and equipment inside your main luggage, as if in hand luggage as they will to be taken away when going through the airport security.


It is possible your suitcases could get lost. In order to avoid serious issues, carry crucial prescription medication as well as some objects that include catheters or urine sacks inside your hand luggage.

Remain in your current seat right up to you reach the entrance to the plane. There could possibly be boarding flight delays and several hours being placed in the departure lounge inside a regular airport seat will be no one’s perfect afternoon.

Swap pads

Request from your air stewardess or air steward if you’re able to change the particular aeroplane cushioning with your personal one. These are only fastened using Velcro and not only is your own much more comfortable but it is far better for your own body. Employees might advise you only put you’re cushioning on top of the usual cushions, however advise them (pleasantly) that you will be uncomfortable.

Toilet methods on-board

All of us have our own personal requirements; it could possibly be better to perform the toilet schedule around the flights. When you have a Foley catheter, in that case for very long routes you are able to link up an overnight bag and get any travel companion bring it secretively into the bathroom for the purpose of draining.

Individual help

If you would like to make use of a personal helper in the region you are traveling to, then this must be prepared ahead of time. This is often less expensive and provides the benefit that you then have an acquaintance from the area that can help with arranging travel and smoothing away any bureaucratic issues. Additionally, it provides you with an excellent understanding of the particular way of life of the nation without having the common info. The main risks are basically you do not know your helper other than by email. Request as much details as possible in advance, and for photographs. The better you know, the better you are able to evaluate just what the person is like.

Holiday plans

You might like to create a pretty organised program for areas to go and when… Nevertheless, it is always good to always be spontaneous, and everything doesn’t always go as you hope (particularly in adventurous travels!) therefore it’s better to be ready for changes! When you need some more time for transfers along with basic touring around, then you should ensure that you build your holiday plans as laid back as you can.


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