Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays, Egypt

Flight duration from UK: Approx. 5 hours 30 minutes

Time difference: +2 hours

Egyptian Currency: Egyptian Pound (US dollars & GBP are usually taken)

Departure Airports: Most UK Airports

Many sites to see on holidays in Egypt

Many sites to see on holidays in Egypt

Going on all inclusive holidays to Egypt will take you on an astonishing break giving a mixture of up-to-date beach resorts with vast areas that are popular with divers and not to forget what Egypt is best known for, its historic tradition and ancient buildings located in what must be some of the best and impressive landscape anywhere in the world. So no matter whether you are a looking a chilled atmosphere to enjoy the sun, a divers paradise or are a predator of the arts, society, or literature you’ll discover Egypt holidays have more to them than the well-known pyramids and statues.

The unquestionable opinion of is that Egypt has to be one of those truly incredible country’s that you have to have on your holiday bucket list. You won’t find anywhere else that has the extent of well-preserved historic sites anywhere else; this once in a lifetime holiday will give you all you want, from busy days to relaxing nights, take your choice. Enjoy a huge assortment of entertainment from the country that is famous for their ancient Pharaohs guarantees some real majestic hospitality for your individual enjoyment. The world class beaches of the Red Sea have good facilities, white sands and unspoiled water with a subaquatic paradise that you will not believe.

 A choice of beaches

So what are the beaches like on all inclusive Egypt holidays? Imagine a tropical beach on a far off shore, crystal clear waters that come gift wrapped in powdery sands and you will not be too far away. The diving and snorkelling cannot be expressed loudly enough, providing some of the world’s best dive sites. If you cannot snorkel or scuba dive take a trip on one of the glass bottom boats, you will be amazed. Most hotels on the shores of the Red Sea have their own private beach access where you will be provided with your choice of water sports, many all inclusive Egyptian complexes will include these in your package and with the water sitting at around 80F from June to October you look forward and enjoy your ‘hot bath’ daily.

 Enjoy a Cruise

Not only can you enjoy all inclusive Egypt holidays on land, you can also enjoy from a cruise, from which every day will hold a different wonder. Many of these cruises will be all inclusive, including alcohol, and can include a two centre break; one week cruise and one week staying at a hotel. You can enjoy all inclusive holidays in Egypt at the busy capital of Cairo to the enticing resort of Aswan where you can see the gigantic monuments made famous in so many books.

 The Valley of the Kings

Include on your holidays in Egypt a trip to the Valley of the Kings at Luxor; here you can see the burial chambers of the Pharaohs including the brilliant Karnak Temple Complex which is full of architectural, ceremonial, spiritual, administrative documentation and properties. Get a taste of the past when you are on your all inclusive Egypt holidays with our carefully selected range of hotels.