Holiday Type: Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh – All Inclusive

  • Flight time: Approx 5 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Modern Standard Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian pound (geneih)

Sharm El Sheikh Holidays

snorkelling in Sharm El Sheikh

Travel with us on all inclusive Sharm El Sheikh holidays if your idea of a break is plenty of sun with a fabulous beach and as much fun than you can handle. Sharm El Sheikh is right down at the bottom of Egypt in the Sinai Peninsula region which attracts the hottest sunshine to make the most gorgeous golden tan. Best known as Sharm, this resort has become massive with the massive influx of tourists since the late 90’s. An incredible sight awaits you here, the Red Sea in front of you and the  Sinai Desert in the background. There is no escaping the superb qualities that the Red Sea offers holidaymakers on their cheap all inclusive holidays in Sharm El Sheikh; scuba divers and snorkelers are in their element with the visions the Red Sea holds.

Sharm is the king of luxury, with hotel complexes liking themselves to mini villages. The all inclusive option of Sharm means each complex dish out a remarkable style of all inclusive holiday that is unrivalled anywhere else in the world, with onsite shopping malls an enormous selection of restaurants, great nightlife and electrifying excursions to the desert, camel treks just to name a few.

There is no getting away from it Sharm El Sheikh have some of the best beaches anywhere in the world, and the likelihood is that your hotel will have its own stretch of delicious beach. The best of the beaches that is recommended for your holidays in Sharm El Sheikh is out at Naama Bay, this is where most of the tourist from the UK head. These all inclusive private hotel beach sections will allow you to enjoy the included water sports, try your hand at snorkelling or if you are more daring, take a few lessons for scuba diving. For the experienced diver, Sharm El Sheikh holidays will be like heaven for you. Get into your wetsuit and go exploring the depths of the Red Sea; find the magnificent carol reefs, shipwrecks and canyons, don’t try and count the fish, with more than 1000 types of fish it will be impossible.

You could very well go an your all inclusive Sharm holidays and never have to leave your hotel complex, but that would be a shame as there is a great big region out there waiting to be explored. Head out into the heart of this area and into SOHO Square, here you will discover a treasure trove of shops overflowing with designer goods, knick-knacks and other duty free stocks. All this is very flashy and not what you would imagine of Egypt, so if you want to see some authentic Egypt, wander over to the souk in Old Sharm for some real keepsakes to take back hoe with you. Here is just what you would imagine a shopping area in Egypt would be like, with row upon row of stalls looking and sounding hectic. This is the time to brush up on your bartering skills as you bargain for perfumes, rugs, ornaments and silver and gold only to name a few. You will soon discover the great fun to be had and why you should take a few trips out of your hotel complex when you are on all inclusive holidays Sharm El Sheikh. Just remember when bartering for goods the price will be inflated by up to a third.

Sharm El Sheikh Weather

April 77°F
May 84°F
June 90°F
July 91°F
Aug 91°F
Sept 88°F
Oct 81°F

Map of Sharm El Sheikh