Holiday Type: Holidays in Roda – All Inclusive

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

Roda Holidays

All inclusive Roda holidays are virtually commonplace with families and couples alike in search of good cheap accommodation and central to the lively mix of bars and restaurants flowing along the expanse of heavenly sea. The extensively busy resort is fully modernised from the old traditions of when it first flourished but still remain timeless today. A speckling of golden buildings and meandering pathways add to the age old attraction of Corfu beauty only on cheap all inclusive holidays in Roda. Easy access around the whole resort on is a breeze with the fortunate flatness of the stunning location beckoned by the heights of Mount Pantokratoras in the flamboyant background.

The open mile of condensed sandy and shingle beach on Roda holidays offers conditions suitable for all types of bathing from the private secluded rocks to the incredible shallow safety of the main breadth of the hub of loungers and parasols. Leisurely visits to the fresh shores throughout the day combined with relaxation in the shaded seaside cafes provide the tools for people watching across the bay. The dingy wooden jetty at the end of the beach on cheap holidays in Roda marvels over the daytime boat trips departing to the inviting islands and igniting a fishing frenzy.

The plethora of nightlife is somewhat plentiful for a good night out for all the family from the late entertainment in the friendly bars to the handful of bouncing beat discos. An abundant supply of activity with all inclusive Roda holidays contains a hive of water sports and a walker’s paradise both along the coast and into the countryside. Horse riding and bicycle hire are lazy options but cleverly tastes the sights much quicker. The laughter and cheer on all inclusive holidays Roda of the nearby water park is effectively enticing. St George Church in the middle of the town is well valued among visitors and the old ruins of the Temple Apollo are most lavishly guarded by the locals.

Agios Georgios Pagon Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

Map of Roda