St Paul’s Bay

Holiday Guide to St Paul’s Bay, Malta – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Maltese
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Something to suit all budgets
  • Popular with couples and families
  • Great range of entertainment
  • Lots of water sports

General Description:

By far the largest and most popular, there are four distinct areas which all form part of your all inclusive holidays in St Paul’s Bay in Malta. The first we will mention is where the well-off Maltese enjoy summer, with many of them having their villa’s here and that is Mellieha. Xemxija may be the most peaceful of them all, this goes inland towards the Old Town which for the whole is a where a lot of the housing is for St. Paul’s Bay inhabitants are. The long-standing and very charming harbour is a popular attraction here.

Meanwhile if you head for Bugibba in the St. Paul’s Bay area you will be presented with the best range of all inclusive St. Paul’s Bay holidays with tourist staying in hotels and apartments here. There is a selection of tourist style shops, bars and restaurants if you are choosing a self-catering holiday in St. Paul’s Bay.

The most up to date part of St. Paul’s Bay is Qawra, this section of the resort has a fresher look to it with all inclusive resorts extending out of Salina Bay up to Bugibba. The promenade area provides the latest amenities and will provide all your holiday needs.

If you are going on holiday to the St. Paul’s Bay area you will be most likely staying either in Bugibba or Qawra. Come summer these are teeming with tourists along the lively promenades.

Suitabile for:

St. Paul’s Bay is a very popular destination hence it has a full range of holiday prices. You can pick up a bargain if you are not fussy where you are going to stay, but if you are coming with your family you will want to book your early 2018 holidays as early as possible.

Accommodation in St. Paul’s Bay:

St. Paul’s Bay is an extremely popular area to holiday in if you are going to Malta so as you would expect there is an enormous amount and range of all inclusive hotels and apartments, with an equally amount of facilities to choose from. Our advice is to check the facilities and make sure you are happy with it before booking.


Beaches in St Paul’s Bay:

A holiday in St. Paul’s Bay will be without a main sandy beach, although swimming, snorkelling and even scuba diving in the clear waters is superb. There is also an excellent amount of water sports to make use of. If you really have to have a sandy beach then the closest is around 5 miles away. The majority of the hotels provide good alternatives with stunning pools and pool bars.


You can buy all your holiday needs if self-catering from lots of supermarkets. As expected in any busy holiday resort, St. Paul’s Bay will offer you the normal type of souvenirs at virtually every street corner.

Entertainment in St. Paul’s Bay:

As previously mentioned there is an excellent selection of water sports that you can avail of in St. Paul’s Bay. Most hotels will offer their take on holiday entertainment, no point in choosing all inclusive in St. Paul’s Bay without good entertainment.

At night Bugibba will give you the liveliest entertainment around the resort. The larger all inclusive hotels in St. Paul’s Bay will give their patrons all the quality entertainment without having to leave your complex, some even having their own disco.

Eating out:

If you have chosen self-catering then St. Paul’s Bay will be a centre of excellence for you with a full selection of decent restaurants that will suit everyone’s budget. If you want an evening of more expensive dining then head to the Old Town area of St. Paul’s Bay.



St Paul's Bay, Malta Weather

April 60°F
May 67°F
June 73°F
July 79°F
Aug 80°F
Sept 76°F
Oct 70°F
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