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Swimming with dolphins Holidays are an unforgettably moving experience

For some people something on their bucket list is to swim with dolphins. The good news now is because more and more companies are offering swimming with dolphins holidays the chances to do this greatly increase.

Swimming with dolphins is an amazing and moving experience which will bring you into contact with exotic countries with unspoilt settings. Sensational swimming with dolphins can be combined with popular all inclusive holidays in long-haul destinations like South Africa, Brazil and Florida like Discovery Cove, Sea World or Disney’s Epcot Seas Adventures – Dolphins in Depth.

Swimming with dolphins is a popular element of luxury holidays in countries like Mexico, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. However you can also swim with dolphins closer to home, with specialised marine parks operating in Spain, Turkey and Portugal. You can experience this activity in Spain at Mundo Mar in Benidorm, Aquopolis in Costa Dorada or Ocean World Puerto Plata.

All inclusive Beach holidays in the Canary Islands will provide the opportunity of experiencing a day with the dolphins at Palmitos Park in Maspalomas. You can swim with the dolphins while diving in the Red Sea in Egypt.


Enjoy the dolphins for May, 2021 and get in touch with nature

Going for a dip with the dolphins in May, 2021 can be part of family holidays and Fun holidays such as whale watching, bird watching, holidays for fishing and even diving holidays.

You can experience dolphin and whale watching from boats and in the wild can be as equally satisfying for those who don’t want to or can’t swim. If you are an enthusiastic swimmer you could try live-aboard swimming with Bottlenose Dolphins holidays in the Red Sea. Worldwide,  you can enjoy your time with dolphins at many tropical destinations that ensure you can swim at any time with dolphins at any time of the year.

The principles behind experiencing dolphins

Swimming with these incredible creatures provides a definite rewarding, educational and beneficial experience for us. But what about the long-term impact that close contact has with the dolphins themselves?

Some environmentalists have said that it is cruel to swim with dolphins while they are in captivity. The parks state that these animals have either been bred in captivity or have had an injury that mean they cannot be returned to the wild.

Nevertheless, all respectable marine parks will operate with strict guidelines that will help safeguard the effect swimming with dolphins will have on the animals. You should always do your research into such parks that permit these activities. Read reviews, search online and book before you travel will ensure you do not do an activity off the cuff in a park that does not operate with strict guidelines.

Costs vary from place to place but usually fall within the range of £150 to £200 per person and will last two to three hours.

These are 10 Parks in Mon 08 March 2021 that allow you to swim with dolphins:

  • Discovery Cove, Sea World – Florida
  • Disney’s Epcot Seas Adventures, Dolphins in Depth – Florida
  • Mundo Mar in Benidorm
  • Aquopolis in Costa Dorada
  • Ocean World Puerto Plata
  • Palmitos Park in Maspalomas
  • Zoomarine in Algarve
  • Dolphin Therapy Centre Marmaris, Turkey
  • Dolphina, Nabq Bay Egypt
  • Dolphin Discovery, Punta Cana Dominican Republic

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