Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays, The Canaries

  • Flight time: Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro

Canary Island Holiday Pics.

Anfi beach Gran Canaria Canary Islands

An all inclusive Canary Islands holiday will take you to an extensive group of islands of volcanic islands, that are owned by Spain spectacularly sit in the Atlantic Ocean; sitting at the closest point only 71 miles off the African shoreline. Going to these beautiful islands will give you a blend of great weather and volcanic landscapes properties provide an exceptional ecosystem that has safeguarded environmental terrains that tourists can marvel at. Protected bucolic parks give provide a chance to see 650 natural varieties of plants and has been classed as one of the most important regions globally.

Appearing and sounding Spanish the Canaries can be said to be truly Spanish; as with all holiday destinations in Spain all inclusive holidays to the Canaries provide excellent facilities for tourists. The range of sceneries on the main islands are incredible, from stunning snow-capped peaks to green valleys and deserts, soaring crags and fantastic beaches of both black or golden sand, you can find this and more on a cheap holiday in the Canaries.

Our Canary Islands holidays in the midst of Gran Canaria has a characteristically subtropical environment with the most gorgeous beaches, pretty churches, an amazing volcanic crater with unbelievable rich vegetation. Gran Canaria has often been given the name of a mini-continent is flourishing and fertile, with many gorges, valleys and peaks that you can explore. Serene days are followed by lively party nights, whatever you want Gran Canaria has it.

An all inclusive Canary Islands holiday to Fuerteventura will take you to a quieter island with tons of exquisite and unblemished sandy beaches with extreme surroundings for windsurfing or surfing. Another activity apart from basking in the golden sun is to take on of the many caramaran cruises to appreciate the island from the sea. A definition of Fuerteventura is carefree and exquisite, beneath the perfect sunshine, faultless.

A holiday in the Canaries taken in Lanzarote will allow you to be on an island with an incredible 300 not active volcanoes, this shaped the incredible moonscape enveloping many parts of this island. The flamboyant seaboard has a list of active resorts with our well-chosen mixture of beaches joining them all together. It is no wonder why tourist from all over the UK choose this Canary Island for the holidays every year.

Big and beautiful is how be to describe all inclusive holidays this Canary Island, indeed Tenerife relishing in yearlong sunshine and heat, Explore fantastic full steam fun beach resorts in the South, combine this with the sights of the Orotava valley or Mt. Teide and old-fashioned villages. Experiment on your Canary Island holidays in Tenerife with as much of its pleasure available.

Canary Islands - Weather

April 23°C
May 25°C
June 26°C
July 28°C
Aug 29°C
Sept 28°C
Oct 26°C

Map of the Canaries