The Canaries

Holiday Guide for The Canaries (Canary Islands) All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Enjoy a fantastic climate
  • Constant spring-like temperatures
  • Dramatic scenery and wide fine sand beaches
  • Unspoilt wilderness with volcanoes

All Inclusive Holidays to The Canaries – appreciate a fantastic environment.

All Inclusive in the Canaries are situated southwest of Spain and northwest of Africa, off the coast of Morocco. The Canary Islands experience an amazing climate making use of constant temperature through all the year. Canary Island Holidays consists of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Palma as well as a few others.

Package holiday bargains to the Canaries All Inclusive style are available to Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife and La Palma. Canary Island holiday break greatest appeal is that they also offer some very good beach locations, of fine sand.

Beyond the large major resorts there are little angling villages, hilltop hamlets and most areas of unspoilt wilderness having volcanoes and primeval forests.

Canary Island getaways – A coastline offering dramatic scenery and wide good sandy beaches.

Tenerife is considered the largest of the Canaries and probably the most best-selling having getaway tourists coming from the United Kingdom. The Centre of the island is often a mountain range due to the volcanic crater Canadas del Teide.

Elsewhere are fertile valleys growing bananas, tomatoes and other crops and a coastline offering dramatic scenery and wide fine pillow soft sandy beaches. Gran Canaria features a mountain range in the island’s Centre.

Holidays to the Canaries has assorted landscapes and also different climate zones along with mix of hills, desert land, and sultry forests and wide beachfronts of fine sand.

All Inclusive Holidays to Canaries – La Palma is the least developed of the Canary Islands.

Fuerteventura has the longest amazing good soft sand shorelines in the canaries. At the closest point it is only a hundred or so from Fuerteventura to the African continent. There are wonderful sandy beaches even close for the capital of Fuerteventura, Puerto Rosario. Lanzarote is different towards the other islands due to an extraordinary landscape.

Lanzarote is of volcanic origin, as are the other Canary Islands. Most parts of the island are covered with ashes and lava, making it look similar to the surface of the moon. La Palma often is the least developed of the Canaries that will receive charter flights out of the UK and can also be the most westerly. Its unspoilt landscape is amazing for Canary Island walking all inclusive holidays.

Things to do while holidaying in the Canaries

Water sports

With its suitable conditions and long exotic sandy beaches, a family trip in the Canaries provides a great opportunity to indulge in lots of aquatic adventures, with amenities for outdoor activities that include kayaking, water-skiing, parascending and surfing available.

Wind surfing

Boasting delightful warm weather and outstanding wind conditions, the Canary Islands are an established starting point for wind-surfing and kite-surfing. Fuerteventura, in particular, is actually a haven for wind-surfing and hosts the whole world Championships each year, along with resort hotels like Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste offering equipment and tuition for tourists.


A great deal of schools offer charters out into the translucent cozy oceans bordering the Canary Islands, with the trade wind gusts creating enjoyable conditions for boating, both for those looking for expert tuition and even pure enjoyment out on the water.


Snorkeling is widely available throughout the Canaries, due to the area boasting some outstanding scuba-dive sites. Tenerife, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria are the most very popular islands for diving, along with diverse coastlines offering several wrecks, and an impressive array of sea life, such as sting rays, barracudas, trumpet seafood and eels.

Deep-sea day fishing

The Canaries are one of the worlds’ leading sport-fishing locations, with most of the major accommodations on the islands offering trips and travels. Along with the seas home to varieties including sharks, marlin, swordfish and tuna, conditions for deep-sea angling are excellent.

Horse riding

Full of elegance and that has an amazing conditions, one of the best ways to explore the Canary Islands is on horse-back. Having a different surroundings of volcanic mountains, exotic green forests and long exotic beach locations, horse riding is often a stress-free option to spend time whilst on getaway in the Canaries.

Walking and mountain biking

Along with an extensive amount of mountain biking trails both along the coastline and inland, the Canary Islands are idyllic for discovering on foot, whether it’s strenuously making it up towards the best of Mount Teide on Tenerife, or maybe strolling through the lush sultry greenery on La Palma.

Days out

There are most water parks to choose from all over the Canary Islands and everything from zoos, sea shows, botanical gardens, bird and butterfly sanctuaries, to specialized amusement and leisure parks, (including a Wild West theme, in addition to an aboriginal park).

The Weather in the Canaries

Canaries weather

The weather in the Canary Islands attracts millions of guests each and every year, eager to relax and enjoy the pleasant local weather featuring its ideal conditions for both summer and winter getaways.

Famous for remaining constant all year, the Canaries benefit from permanent spring-like conditions, and an attractive hot dry environment. Having the archipelagos’ area in the middle of the Atlantic, 100km off the northwest coast of Africa, the Canaries boast a sub-tropical conditions and wonderfully sunny days.

Canaries weather – Constant spring-like weather conditions

The appealing year long escape location, the Canary Islands offer perhaps the very best weather in the earth. Generally, weather conditions in the Canary Islands provide lots of sun and comfortably hot the temperature.

The average conditions in the Canaries range from 14-21c in January, and reach 21-29c in July, along with the temperature never getting too hot, even in the height of sunshine. The times between May and September are the driest, receiving loads of comfortable dry days, and generally speaking rainfall is low throughout the islands (on average about 300 mm per year).

Average daily hours of sunshine in the Canaries range from 6 all through the winter, to 11 in the height of the best, and the sea remains appropriate for swimming in year-round round, with water the temperature including 19c-22c.

Holiday Weather in the Canaries – Hot days, and limited rainfall

The northern areas of the islands, being exposed to the northeast trade winds, tend to be a bit damper compared to the south, which stay more protected, and therefore less damp and warm. Generally the biggest islands in the Canaries offer some distinctions in weather conditions, thanks to their varied surroundings, ranging from snow-capped mountains to lush exotic forests and volcanic beachfronts.

The Canaries Weather

April 66°F
May 68°F
June 72°F
July 75°F
Aug 77°F
Sept 77°F
Oct 73°F

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