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Aerial view of Santa Maria beach in Sal Island Cape Verde - Cabo

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 6 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 1 hour ahead of GB
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo

At a Glance

  • An undiscovered and exceptional getaway
  • Perfect white sand beaches
  • Lots of holiday activities
  • Extensive variety of beach front hotels

Cape Verde is on islands of robust settings, numerous bays and coves with beautiful beaches. Notwithstanding the ’s tempestuous past, the inhabitants of this island have maintained their own colourful lifestyle. Once designated the 10th most scenic place, you will adore with its exceptional beaches, intense mountain scenery and lavish greenery holidays all inclusive in is a genuine peach of an island. With lots to see and discover here, such as the many sights of historical importance to little villages made up of a few dwellings.

Cape Verde All Inclusive Holidays destination varies from uninhabited, deserted beaches to colourful cities. Tourists can invest their energy discovering the various landscapes or relax under the sun on the unpolluted sandy beaches. All Inclusive Cape Verde Holidays is an exceptional and undiscovered destination for the ideal getaway.

Cape Verde map

It is situated about 500km off the shore of West Africa near the Atlantic Ocean. A Holiday in Cape Verde has about ten small islands that are the perfect holiday treasure. With a heritage that is richly Portuguese and an added Brazilian dynamic quality, the Cape Verdeans are friendly and warm.

Beach lovers regard Holidays in Cape Verde islands as paradise on earth, particularly the Boa Vista and Sal islands. With more than 50km of gleaming beaches, Boa Vista is the shimmering gem for an All Inclusive Cape Verde Holiday. This island is about lovely, deserted white sands, amazing turquoise seas, and the astounding sight of sea turtles and humpback whales. It’s the perfect holiday sanctuary for a romantic break.

Beaches in Cape Verde

There are many beaches to enjoy an All Inclusive in Cape Verde. The coastline of Boa Vista and Sal is bordered with many miles of brilliant and white sand beaches. Unwind outside your hotel or wander further away and discover that secret spot for your private and quiet relaxation.

The beautiful Praia de Chaves beach, which is a long, expanse of brilliant sand, at the other side is a radiant lunar landscape of hills. Santa Maria beach is a beautiful prospect with 4 1/2 miles of brilliant white sand extending into the distance. Undiscovered in the south-western region of Boa Vista, this beach is an incredible sight with 18km of sand that appears to stretch on without end.

Santa Maria beach in Sal Island Cape Verde

Aerial view of Santa Maria beach in Sal Island Cape Verde – Cabo Verde

Suitable for

All Inclusive Holidays in Cape Verde are an extraordinary holiday option for anybody searching for beautiful waters and sandy beaches.

Holiday activities

Regardless of whether you prefer setting off on a sail-boat, a cruising watercraft, a fishing pontoon or a glass-bottomed boat, there are heaps of options to bait you off the beach side and onto the seas to discover these exquisite islands from an alternate view.

Taking part in beach activities, tourists on holidays in Cape Verde can likewise visit its volcanoes and mountains, try the yummy seafood as well as experience the intriguing African and Portuguese cultural mix.

Stunning ravines with towering peaks and remarkable volcanic craters are only a percentage of the delights on offer for love birds and other tourists holidaying in Cape Verde all inclusive.

Active tourists can find a wind spot and surf the kite. Tourists who prefer to laze around can unwind on the Kite Beach while watching the experts do their things.

Go for an unusual spa day treatment. Tourists can go to Sal to float in the Pedra Lume salt lake. This is the ideal spot to revive your sun burnt skin.


The main food is seafood. Tourists will not escape sampling lobster, shrimp and squid, which are the menu staples. There is the national dish called cachupa rica and it is a slow cooked stew that is prepared with vegetables, fish, beans and maize. It goes so well with the local rum called grogue and is made using sugar cane.

Nightlife in Cape Verde

All Inclusive Cape Verde nightlife, for the most part, will feature traditional live songs and dance. The sounds of African natives, merging with Latin and European instruments have brought about the seductive and playful Creole music that is renowned within the many islands in Cape Verde.

What’s the best time to go to Cape Verde

The islands feature tropical climate every year, so tourists can take Cape Verde holiday at whatever time of the year. The hottest months are between August to October. The weather remains pleasant, even during the coldest and winter of January and February months, making Cape Verde a popular Christmas and New Year Holiday destination.

Cape Verde hotels

Cape Verde All Inclusive Holidays feature quiet guest lodgings to spa hotels. Select from the extensive variety of hotels next to the beach-front as well as those shrouded in quieter spots in the islands.

Cape Verde Holidays offer a wide range of options for tourists with respect to resorts and hotels highlighting a wide choice of holiday accommodations. It ranges from luxury to standard, to ensure that holidaymakers choose what they can afford with their budget. With the blasting tourism industry, many hotels in Cape Verde are continuously improved.

Cape Verde Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

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