Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays, Greece

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

Greece Holidays

dusk on Skiathos

Take an all inclusive Greece holiday to discover tranquil beaches, sparkling translucent waters with gorgeous sandy or shingle beaches. Greece is an ideal place to visit; containing many islands of which over 150 are inhabited and each island giving a different feel, the one thing in common between them all is the people are so friendly. With so many islands on offer it is no wonder that we Brits find it so amazing and popular with package holidaymakers, rendering it next to Spain in popularity. Taking a holiday in Greece will be of interest various categories of tourist and only the hard to please type of tourist will not be able to have fun while on their holiday. Greece is an attractable option for families as the friendly resorts are only out done by the friendly approach of the Greeks themselves who will make your kids feel right at home.

If it is important for you to be in the pursuit of pleasure then you will find all inclusive holidays in Greece just perfect, you can party to daybreak and then sleep off the after effects of the night before on the beach all day, just remember to drink lots of water and plaster on the factor 20 so as not to spoil your holiday. You can be pretty sure that the beach you are lying on will be clean as Greece holds more clean beach rewards that anyone else within Europe.

Greece is also fortunate to have a diverse landscape, northern Greece around the beach resorts of Halkidiki is well visited and backed by spectacular scenery, while inner Greece has the most Blue Flag Beaches. Most tourists seeking an all inclusive Greece holiday will seek out one of the islands, there is to name a few, Corfu, Crete, Rhodes or Kos. The welcoming residents and first class weather provide the best choice of locations within one country anywhere in Europe.

We cater for whatever budget you can afford, our list of accommodation that will suit your all inclusive Greece holiday range from the cheap and cheerful to the total luxury 24 hour all inclusive resort. One tip you should go for is to make sure your hotel has aircon as it gets quite hot in the summer; it has been known that people booking cheaper ranges of accommodation without aircon have had to go to sleep at night wrapped it wet towels.

So when should you take that hard earned holiday in Greece then? Well that depends on your tolerance of sun and heat. Spring and autumn have moderately hot days with tepid nights. You will also have a quieter time than peak season, if you can get the time off work this is an ideal and very cheap time to holiday in Greece. During the peak season temperatures are quite often over the 100°F mark, very dry and busy; if you have the option where you want to go this summer choose yu holiday carefully, but give an all inclusive Greek holiday a consideration.

Greek Weather

April 19°C
May 24°C
June 28°C
July 30°C
Aug 31°C
Sept 27°C
Oct 23°C

Map of Greece