Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays in Crete 2019 / 2020

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 2 hours ahead of GB
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Always a short hop to the action
  • Modern and family orientated
  • Fantastic beaches
  • Book now all inclusive Crete for May

Crete all inclusive holidays take you to the biggest and most southerly of the Greek island and is a treasure trove of natural wonders, early history and outstanding picturesque beauty. Labelled as the cradle of Europe, it sits flanked by Europe, Asia and Africa. All inclusive holidays in Crete offers holidaymakers an assortment of scenery and things to do. At hand are warm seas for water sport buffs, old-fashioned villages to discover and some breath-taking biological wonders like charming caverns and extreme valleys.

Attractions for the Crete holidays

Like almost everywhere in Greece, the remains of ancient classical civilisation can be found, on Crete also, perhaps the most famous landmark is its Knossos. Other ancient sights such as Phaistos and many other examples of Greek culture can be found when on holidays in Crete March, 2019. There are also testimonials from different ages of in human history on the island. For example, Roman ruins or Venetian castles from the middle ages.

Some very nice attractions can be found in the mountains of Crete. For example, the Kournas Lake, which is the only fresh water lake of the island. In addition, there are a number of ravines, which due to its wild beauty in each case are worth a visit in the Ida Mountains.

Beaches, Mountains and Wildlife

For those who want to enjoy their cheap all inclusive holidays Crete is bathed in sunshine for 300 days of the year and presents the enthusiastic sun worshipper secret coves and attractive sandy beaches. The island is divided by four mountain ranges with the tallest lingering snow at the top into June. In the south the mountains fall noticeably into the sea though in the north they slope mildly over the coastal valleys into the water, a joy to see while enjoying a Crete holiday.

Your holidays in Crete will have to include a trip to the acknowledged wonder of the island, the Samaria Gorge, coming in at a massive 18 kilometres with rocky slopes plunging 600 metres to the valley floor. As well as giving hikers sights to die for it is additionally the last natural habitat of the endangered Cretan wild goat.

All inclusive Crete holidays takes you to a Greek island presenting a delightful variety and choice of resorts and settings which are especially popular during May to May. You’ll find pebbly coves and sandy beaches peppered around the coast, lush mountains and flower-filled valleys inland, indeed the selection of cheap holidays in Crete is breath-taking with ancient sites to discover during the day, and an exceptional selection of restaurants and bars to unwind in by night.


Resorts for a different type of holiday in Crete March, 2019:


Enjoy all inclusive in Crete at Rethymnon, the third largest resort. This might suggest a large, everyday place but Rethymnon is a resort far from that. Your holiday in Crete here is full of history, entertainment and a lively, welcoming atmosphere. The tight streets of the Venetian old town give a surprise on virtually every corner. An enormous fortress, which overlooks the resort, only helps to give the cosy streets, lively tavernas and bars much more superior desirability.

Aghios Nikolaos

Aghios Nikolaos, glittering on Mirabello Bay, has at times been defined as ‘a romantic setting’ to enjoy all inclusive Crete holidays. Whether it is or not is has become one of the most popular destinations on Crete. This is a resort which is less chaotic than non-stop partying at Malia with not as much history as Knossos with its well-known ruins. However Crete holidays here contains all the appeal of real Greece packaged in a sincere and warm cover of sunshine. The bars are a varied mix of tavernas with modern Cretan entertainment and the odd English or Irish Bar chucked in for good measure.


The growing resort of Gouves makes this a Crete all inclusive 2019  resort with two hubs, both with their own characteristic style. Kato (Old) Gouves is a few miles inland from what is developing into one of Crete’s utmost popular beach resorts but separated by the main highway and a different attitude, they don’t appear to be the same at all.


This was once a small fishing village in crete, but all inclusive here in Elounda has developed over the last 20 or 30 years to now enjoy a chain of luxury hotel complexes attracting the wealthy on all inclusive luxurious family holidays to Crete. Currently, holiday budgets of all categories are catered for, and wherever you stay you can’t fail to be delighted by Elounda’s sandy beaches, clear waters, traditional tavernas and restaurants that have helped make this part of Crete wonderfully and relaxing.


Located a short stroll inland from the popular resort of Hersonissos, this is a beautiful Cretan village snuggled in at the bottom of Crete’s mountain range. There’s an unexpectedly good selection of tavernas tucked away among the tight streets, and sea views are quite superb. A charming resort, that is close enough to Hersonissos if you fancy the occasional night out in livelier surroundings.

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