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Skiathos beach

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 2 hours ahead of GB
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • 65 beaches found along its 27 miles of coastline
  • Tourists go to Skiathos Town for nightlife
  • Couples and families needing to unwind


Good reasons to visit Skiathos

Our best all inclusive holidays to Skiathos are perfect if you have limited funds – they are provided with drink and food within the price tag.

Planning made simple

Having each of us content when away is usually too expensive. Daily meals, snacks, cold drinks – these prices before you know it will start to build up. But with our own All inclusive holidays to Skiathos, it’s not necessary to worry. A part of the outlay of your holiday are actually dining, your snacks, and unlimited local cold drinks.

Skiathos = Terrific appeal

By going to any of our accommodations there are many extras, which include swimming, built-in, as well. Everything you need adds up to a holiday that has fantastic good value and minimum issues.

dusk on Skiathos

Tons to try to do

In addition to the all your holiday resort has anticipated, there is tons extra to watch for on all inclusive holidays to Skiathos. To start with, you will have temperatures. You can anticipate an awful lot of sunshine, in addition to sunbathing possibilities. Then there is a lot to keep you occupied, in spite of whether you are always into taking in the sights or like to settle-back with your iPhone.

Choose your most desirable family trip to Skiathos

It is possible to read additional info on holidays to Skiathos, take a peek at this practical e-book – definitely is filled up with related information that will help you set up your excursion. Then, when you find yourself able to buy, simply get started with the search region.


General Description:

Skiathos all inclusive holidays are witnessed first-hand on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Skiathos is not a large island but it accounts for a large portion of the regions in the Northern Sporades. Skiathos features roughly 65 beaches along its 27 miles of coastline, with the majority of all inclusive resorts for tourists located on the east and south of the island.

Perhaps the finest and favored beach around the island is Koukounaries beach, and been claimed to be amongst the best beaches in Greece. A large number of holidaymakers head off to Skiathos Town because of the nightlife featuring nightclubs and bars. For tourists who may have sight-seeing in mind, a visit to the Evangelistria monastery also, the Kastro town ruins are suggested.

Beaches in Skiathos

Holidays in Skiathos have become renowned for the country’s beaches. The sandier beaches are those along the south while pebble beaches are along the northern region. Practically every style of beach destinations for tourists are available when you choose all inclusive holidays Skiathos.

Skiathos Holidays

Suitable for

Skiathos all inclusive holidays are ideal for couples and families looking to unwind on beautiful, sandy beaches. The island provides incredible options for daytime holiday activities for children along with lively night entertainment to suit all ages.

Holiday activities

Visiting Lalaria Beach is a must activity for tourists staying on all inclusive in Skiathos. This is accessed by boat, postcard perfect in particular the rock bridge that stretches over the sand to the clear blue waters. There are caves for the adventurous to explore as well.

Skiathos Town has a great number of shops providing everything from traditional Greece items to designer labels.

Skiathos boasts four ancient monasteries around the island. They are Evangelistria, Agios Charalambos, Panaghia Kounistra and Panaghia Kechrea. Each feature their own distinctive appearance, a fascinating story and definitely worth a visit.

For holidaymakers that are film lovers, check out the open air cinemas around the island. Many people delight in their favourite movies relaxing under the stars of the Greece summer sky.

Tourists who have seen everything on land can explore the island from under the water. Regardless of your experience, from complete beginner to a professional, you will find diving centres with facilities to help you join in. The water is perfectly clear, with up to 25 metres of visibility and warm water temperatures.

A holiday in Skiathos is great for walking. Its forest that looks like that from a storybook is perfect with green river and rolling hills with trails.

Skiathos food

The classic dishes on many islands in Greece have found their way to Skiathos. These are chicken souvlaki and lamb moussaka. There is also the rabbit stew and grilled swordfish sprinkled with lemon juice and olive oil.

Nightlife in Skiathos

Expect to encounter the best music events and parties when you are on in Skiathos. This island is not only great with partying at clubs, echoing with the base of dance music but also can offer quiet evenings near the beach with soft music and cocktails. Tourists will find clubs and bars to suit all taste around Skiathos.


The best time to go on all inclusive holidays to Skiathos

Skiathos is a beautiful summer holiday destination. It also features lower temperatures during the wintertime with high rainfall. Although when July and August comes, the island heats up with high temperatures every day.

Skiathos hotels

All inclusive holidays in Skiathos Greece feature a range of hotels. This includes budget and stylish boutique hotels, each with their distinctive identity and Aegean class. There are many luxury hotels in Skiathos with some large, spacious with suites that are furnished with classic white fabrics. There are also cheap budget accommodations in Skiathos with self-catering facilities.



Skiathos, Greece Weather

Jan 58°F
Feb 59°F
March 63°F
April 68°F
May 76°F
June 83°F
July 87°F
Aug 88°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 75°F
Nov 67°F
Dec 60°F

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