Brena Baja

Holiday Guide Brena Baja, La Gomera – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Approx 4.5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: Same as the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Great for families
  • Away from the coast
  • A stunning resort
  • Lovely scenery not to be missed

General Area:

La Palma have many dreamy holiday destination and one being particular idyllic is an cheap all inclusive holiday in Brena Baja which is on eastern coastal region situated on the fringes of the busy capital, Santa Cruz. Brena Baja makes a quick transfer, thus great for families who do not want a long transfer.

The spectacular sights of the coast and Tenerife in the distance are striking, combine this with the tranquil setting of Brena Baja holidays and you will understand why Brena Baja is a destination to put on your bucket list. Travel

Down to the coast of Los Cancajos region which provides easy access to a beach. Catch a bus every hour or just grab a taxi for the quick 10 minute journey. For tourists that want to travel around neighbouring resorts Brena Baja is an ideal resort to plant your base.

Brena Baja – Impressive views

Tourists enjoing a holiday in Brena Baja that are looking for a beach can travel the relatively short distance down to Los Cancajos, where you will have all the usual beach activities that you have in any large and popular beach resort. A chain of little coves make good sheltered bathing, calm and clear waters. As with many beaches that are around these islands the sand is black, volcanic sand, but soft and provide excellent sunbathing. One of the more popular activities down at the shore is snorkelling; the hot waters provide a wealth of sea creatures a home making for an underwater delight.

The fertile countryside around Brena Baja see villas, apartments and hotels with an abundance of space around them. A few worth a mention are the Brenas Garden Hotel, a 3 star Aparthotel located in a relaxed spot at the foot of La Brena mountain. This hotel boasts that you should come and enjoy the fresh air and the views of the sea. Another fine hotel is the 4-star Parador de La Palma Hotel. This hotel in Brena Baja provides great service and food to the height of many with more a prestige status. Very quiet, clean and friendly service that is well located near the airport with spacious and comfortable rooms that have very good views and good location within the island.

Out and about in Brena Baja

All inclusive Brena Baja holidays provide plenty of possibilities for good activities, food and drink from traditional to international. One international restaurant that do great pizza is the Restaurante Italiano Jacopo, fantastic after a night out. How about one of the best restaurants on the island, the Restaurante La Mocanera. Providing very good service this restaurant comes highly recommended specialising in traditional and international cuisine, fish, seafood and meats.

For quality entertainments try the Bar Central. This establishment sells food and drink at a quality price that is hard to match. A great atmosphere with a wide and varied program of events make this a highly recommend place to be when on holidays in Brena Baja.

Around Brena Baja there are beautiful churches and exciting museums. The hilly areas of Brena Baja are fantastic for hikers on beautiful walks.

Brena Baja, La Gomera Weather

April 73°F
May 79°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 79°F
Oct 64°F
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Map of Brena Baja, La Gomera Spain

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