Holiday Guide for Sal, Cape Verde – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 6 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 1 hour ahead of GB
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Currency: Sal, Cape Verdean Escudo

At a Glance

  • Loaded with adventure and fun
  • Ideal for water sports such as windsurfing
  • Experience the good life
  • Incredible entertainment for an exceptional Holiday

Cheap All Inclusive in Sal Holidays, the most sought after Cape Verde island among the islands, are loaded with adventure and fun. The resort is called Sal on the grounds that it is the Portuguese meaning for salt. The weather comes with a pleasing sunshine for each day of the year. With a beach resort that features a long expanse of white sand and various water sports, All Inclusive Sal Holidays is truly an island for beach fans.

Sal is thought to be one of the main five windsurfing areas in the world, so it is common to find bright coloured sails splashing about the sea. Visit the island’s capital of Santa Maria, which oozes a lot of cultural charm, as well as the best beaches around the islands.

Many tourists enjoy All Inclusive in Sal to take part in water sports. Winds that blows from the north-west, make it ideal for water sports such as windsurfing and sail boats. Live music has a vital part in the culture of Cape Verde and is always performed live at night in different bars in Santa Maria.

Beaches in Sal, Cape Verde

The best beachside activities in Cape Verde is to be enjoyed on holidays in Sal. In spite of the fact that Pedra de Lume beach is generally long and unspoilt, some of Sal beaches that make up the region are totally deserted. Santa Maria is less than 2 miles away and it is home to many hotels found on the island, however, this does not pollute this destination. The Ponta Preta beach and the Algodeiro Bay are idyllic, however, they are not safe for swimming.

Suitable for

The sandy beaches of Holidays in Sal All Inclusive with its turquoise water make a brilliant play area for water sports fans. It is the ideal spot for unwinding in the sun and taking long strolls along the seaside. Perfect for lovebirds to visit or for a remarkable family Holiday.

Holiday activities

Visit the Terra Boa mirage that shows up in the centre of the desert. It is a mind-boggling view and one that tourists should never miss.

Go hop both the island and inland, when you visit Sal towns.

Praia de Santa Maria is a place to watch fishermen pulling their catches.

The Olho Azul in Buracona is a spectacular cavern located underground. This is a spot for tourists to catch the breathtaking view when the light sparkles directly into it, providing incredible photo opportunities.

The crater of Pedra de Lume is an unforgettable sight on your All Inclusive Holidays. Formed by an inactive volcano, its massive 500-meter radius formed a lake naturally and is presently used as ponds to evaporate salt.

Tourists can effortlessly reach Maio island by boat trip from Sal and is an incredible chance to go to Mount Fogo. Tourists can see the volcano and find out about its solidified lava tracks.

The neighbouring Fontana is an attractive spot for active tourists to sharpen their surfing skills.


All Inclusive Sal Holidays are well known because of its grilled lobster. Be that as it may, travellers who are feeling adventurous might want to try grilled cuttlefish. Tourists can have a go at cooking their own fillet steak on a hot stone. Try grogue, a local liquor.

Nightlife in Sal, Cape Verde

If Sal nightlife fascinate you and you need to experience the good life, the best night spot is in Santa María. It features nightclubs and bars than the ones offered at the hotel. The beach-side bars also offer music with tropical cocktails and this has turned out to be very popular.

The best time to go

The climate for Holidays in Sal, Cape Verde is among the main reasons tourists visit yearly. This destination is impressively tropical, day long sunshine and is not too humid. Because of its closeness to the Atlantic Ocean and the islands are flat, this causes the resort to be windier.

Sal, Cape Verde hotels

There are cheap All Inclusive 5-star hotels on Sal island. The hotels feature all entertainment and services to guarantee an exceptional Holiday. Close to Santa Maria, Holidaymakers will find alluring accommodation perfect for couples and families travelling with older kids on a budget. There are comfortable Holiday apartments, ideal for tourists who need to be near the beach. There are also spacious rooms in small hotels in Sal, suitable for Holidaymakers searching for a quieter, smaller Holiday accommodations.

Sal, Cape Verde Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

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Map of Sal, Cape Verde

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