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Quick Details

  • Flight time: 2 – 2.5 hours from UK
  • Time difference: Ahead of UK by one hour
  • Language: Croatian
  • Currency: kuna

At a Glance

  • More than 1,100 tiny islands
  • Blessed with an amazing coastline
  • Known as a destination with good entertainment
  • July and august are the peak seasons

We reveal why a break on the spectacular island of Brac may be the perfect option to unwind. The biggest of the central Dalmatian islands, it is household for the country’s most famous beach – Zlatni Rat close to Bol – but there’s far more to see and do beyond the beaches.

Just after wandering the sun-drenched cobbled lanes from the ancient Diocletian’s Palace in Split, a three-day island escape is effectively deserved. Hop on to Dalmatia’s largest island of Brac which sits across the Adriatic waters from Split. Here you’ll uncover that will past its famed beachfronts and charming villages hides an island filled with secrets waiting to become found.

Brac is typically known as an island continent and for very good purpose – every single town have their own impressive history and individual culinary individuality. The enlightening encounters these regions have are appropriate for history buffs, couples, couples as well as the audacious visitor. A few days on Brac is hardly enough if you need to uncover all of its secrets but here are some must-have experiences, which you can pack into a fun-filled couple of days.

Day 1

You can arrive by ferry the most connected port from Split; the ferry departs every hour in summer season. The popular Croatian poet Tin Ujevic said in 1929: “Supetar is genuinely a spot for an idyllic holiday”, so instead of using this town as a transit zone only, find out what Supetar and its surroundings must present before you head to the far more very popular southern side on the island.

Although right here, you’ll swiftly discover which often Ivan Rendic is an critical name to keep in mind. A native of Supetar, Rendic (1849 – 1932) is regarded the pioneer of contemporary Croatian sculpture – his operates can easily be identified in Trieste, Venice, Rijeka, Dubrovnik and Zagreb. Within the artist’s hometown there’s an impressive memorial collection in addition to directions from Britain’s Prime Minister Gladstone by way of thanking Rendic for any sculpture. Following a stroll by way of the gallery, try the “Day with Rendic” walk that will require you about town to see where his works beautify this charming coastal town.

Not far from Supetar is Skrip, the island’s oldest settlement that will dates back for the Illyrians. There are actually very a number of impressive web-sites here which often reveal the island’s previous. Those contain the white-roofed complex about the 16th-century Radojkovic tower and also the Cerinic fort. But, if you would like a genuine understanding of the island’s wealthy culture and history, spend a check out to Brac Native Museum, also situated here.

Just after a day devoted to culture and history, it is higher time for you to delve into Brac’s cuisine in Donji Humac at the famed Kopacina Tavern. The tavern’s owners have created it their mission to help keep the island’s indigenous culinary traditions alive. Try vitalac, an ancient dish of lamb’s innards on a spit wrapped within a membrane (a caul). If in season, the dormouse (‘puh’ in Croatian) and brocki spuži snails from the mountain of Vidova Gora are other quirky treats to try out.

Day two

Wake up and put in your hiking shoes. Just before you deserve a swim in the Adriatic, you will need to perform up a sweat having a short stroll to the Dolomite Cake, two kilometres west of Nerežišca. It’s a 12 metre-tall dolomite ring which forms two interconnecting arches. It can be believed which in turn whoever walks below its arches will be granted magical powers.

Continue your wander to the sacred Blaca Hermitage built on the edge of a cliff within the 16th century by Glagolitic priests. Amazingly so, its residents lived a entirely monastic living of isolation until as late as 1963. The priests were business-minded and had a successful production of wine, honey and olive oil. Furthermore, they have been engaged in astronomy and had a well-renowned observatory, plus a printing property on web-site.

Following yet another day of cultural discovery on foot, continue on towards the nearby village of Dracevica for the Senjkovic Winery, run by certainly one of Croatia’s most inventive winemaking couples. The humble stone winery has an adorable barn house where you could taste their prize-winning Spoža rosé and their red Plavac Mali wines, Brocko Ric and Bosso. Magdalena commonly features a heap of homemade snacks able to nibble on and should you are fortunate, her husband Saša will provide you with a ride in his old-school Lada for a special peak of their jagged vineyards. As a way to plant the vine roots, these vineyards have already been cleared by crushing rocks and drilling deep in to the ground.

End your day having a late afternoon swim inside the deep bay of Lovrecina, recognized for its uncommon sandy beach using the remains in the 5th-century St Lawrence basilica as a backdrop.

Day 3

Brac is world-renowned for its stone. A few of this white stone was utilised to develop structures which include Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the Vivid white Property in Washington, Reichstag in Berlin, the Parliament Constructing in Vienna and even the port in Benghazi.

To have an insight into Brac’s rich history of quarrying, continue on to the Mediterranean lush of Pucišca, a settlement built on stone, from stone, by stonemasons. Stonemasonry right here can be a centuries-old profession plus a walk around town showcases the town’s traditions. Craftsmanship is expressed everywhere, from sculptures by skillful apprentices towards the Renaissance-era Ciprijan Zuvetic Castle. But it is the simplicity with the whitened stone roofs which definitely gives this seaside village its charm. Pucišca is usually household to certainly one of Europe’s three stonemasonry schools and guests could take a tour of this acclaimed institution that has been passing on the tradition of this valuable trade for more than a century.

Subsequent, we arrive at Bol, the island’s tourism hotspot and residence to Zlatni Rat, by far the most photographed beach in Croatia, and Brac island’s most renowned spot. It’s a narrow whitened pebble cape which sticks 624 metres out in to the Adriatic, supplying mistral winds, cool seas, pine shade, cafés and watersports, generating it a paradise for surfers and holidaymakers alike.

After recharging below the sunrays on Zlatni Rat, get a birds-eye view having a Nordic-walking hike up the 50-degree slopes of Murvica. Continue on and you will reach Zmajeva Špilja (Dragon’s Cave), exactly where a guide will unlock the gates to a 15th-century Glagolitic cave which in turn showcases a detailed relief of a dragon.

As you descend past the sun-kissed Plavac Mali vineyards, all you may assume about is swirling a glass of red any time you reach the bottom. The perfect spot for the occasion often is the quayside, state-of-the-art Stina Winery, housed within a 1903 structure. Stina implies ‘stone’ in Dalmatian and its name can be a tribute for the island’s century-old quarrying traditions.

After A few magical island days, you could say you have experienced Brac. You will be returning towards the mainland in Split having a lifetime of memories within your backpack.

Croatia Weather

April 53°F
May 61°F
June 67°F
July 72°F
Aug 72°F
Sept 66°F
Oct 57°F
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