Holiday Cairo, Egypt – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Approx 5 hours from the UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Modern Standard Arabic
  • Currency: Egyptian pound (geneih)


At a Glance

  • A busy capital city
  • Visit the famous Pyramids
  • Experience shopping Egyptian style
  • Super selection of entertainment

General Area:

A trading post for centuries, staying on all inclusive Cairo holidays will take you to the capital city of Egypt will take you to a legendary part of the world. Home for a massive nine million people Cairo can seem as it is swarming with inhabitants as it stretches out from the River Nile. The focus of Cairo concentrates at the Tahrir Square, around this area is where you will find hotels that include many types of board, including full board and all inclusive. Cairo like all towns are divided into North, East, South and West. These areas offer a quite diverse range of sights to see, from the old Islamic neighbourhood and the famous Khan marketplace to Old Cairo, home to old mosques, churches and synagogues. The most tranquil and congenial area to have your holiday is close to the Pyramids at Giza

Recent years have seen some turmoil in this area and the risk of attacks on UK Nationals is still present. The Foreign Office travel advice website had best be checked before any reservation of your


The most of the hotels are based around the Tahrir and Opera Square with an additional quantity beyond the river at the fringes of Giza. The bulk of the hotels are gated with good security that enables you to enjoy and relax on your holidays. Cairo can get very noisy with the hum of daily life, thus quality hotels will be well sound proofed.

The central area for shopping is around the Egyptian Museum, but you had better be sure to haggle as the merchandise here is of poor quality and overpriced. The Khan el Khalili is worth a visit for the experience, although it is nothing more than bring back a memento from your holiday in Cairo. There is a few up-to-date shopping centres mainly around the hotels that will provide you with good quality designer merchandise, but apart from that keep your money in your pocket.

Daytime Entertainment: If you want the best out of your all inclusive holidays in Cairo pre-book some tours before you go. Museums and the pyramids are the most popular, although as part of your all inclusive facilities, your hotel will lay on daytime entertainment in the hotel complex.

Nightlife: Your hotel will have plenty to avail of at night although there is an extensive choice of nightclubs and bars that you can avail of within Cairo. All inclusive holiday basis will mean you do not have to worry about entertainment as this will be laid on for you.

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Map of Cairo – Egypt

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