Holiday Guide to Karavados, Kefalonia – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 2 hours ahead of GB
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • Traditional Greek resort
  • Slightly inland
  • Ideal location if you are on a budget
  • Summer is the best time to go

General Description:

Although going on all inclusive holidays in Karavados will mean a 20 minute walk to the coast, in our opinion this is a destination which will save you money if funds are tight. The resort itself is a normal quiet Greek resort that is just you will get around in a around 15 minutes. The typical tight streets zigzagging off the main road hold shops, restaurants, and a couple of bars. Locals and tourists mix together around Karavados and is a perfect place for an introduction to Greece.

Some recent structures create a fresh feel to the otherwise rickety resort that looks like many other little gems around Kefalonia.

Suitable for:

Budget conscious travellers will enjoy taking a holiday in Karavados, likewise families with very young kids and the elderly that are looking for a traditional type resort in the Greek Islands that is in a beautiful not too far away from anything but far enough to not have to bother. Older kids may get restless as there is not a lot to do for them. Tourists from the UK have only recently discovered Karavados, although other Europeans have found it a lovely location for a few years now.

Accommodation in Karavados:

Karavados is a popular location for tourists wanting private villas as their accommodation for their holiday, although there are other hotels, one quite large all inclusive Hotel in Karavados and the remainder self-catering type apartments.

Beaches in Karavados:

Karavados being almost a mile inland the closest beach is St Thomas Beach. This is a couple of good sandy coves that provide good bathing. The larger cove provides the better beach accessories, with sunbeds and shades available to hire. There is very little in the way of water sports but as the water is shallow makes it a great introduction to small kids who want nothing more to do than sit and splash at the water’s edge. If you get hungry or thirsty after your walk from Karavados then you will be happy to hear there are a couple of tavernas that supply decent quality food and drink.



Let’s face it, if you are going on all inclusive in Karavados for your holidays you will not be too concerned about shopping. As long as you can get the holiday essentials you will be happy enough. In Karavados that is exactly what you can get, a couple of souvenir shops and small supermarket is about it.


Karavados is the type of resort that suit an all inclusive board basis, everything there without travelling far to get it. Self-catering and villa holidays in Karavados will mean you probably do the 20 minute walk to the beach and enjoy the Greek summer. Hiring a scooter, or even a car will ensure you are closer to everything and will make it much easier.

Nightlife is restricted to a few local tavernas, but you will not go on holidays to Karavados if you are looking something any greater.

The same goes for eating out, the food is very traditional, although you will always be able to tell your waiter if you would like something different and they will ensure you are satisified.

Getting Around:

You will want to make sure that you can go other places on your holidays if needed, there is a bus from Karavados every day that goes to Argostoli, you will always be able to ask the hotel to call a taxi, but the best way to get around is to hire a small moped; they are great fun.

If you have booked all inclusive board you can always go on an arranged excursion from Karavados; there is a day trip to Argostoli for shopping and sightseeing.  Another popular trip is the ‘Island Tour’ this takes in a multitude of popular tourist spots Kefalonia such as, Drogarati Cave and the Melisani Lake. A few cruises are available also that will make a brilliant alternative to just going to the beach on your holiday, check locally in Karavados or at your hotel for the exact itinerary.

Karavados, Kefalonia Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

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Map of Karavados, Kefalonia

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