Holiday Guide to Magazia, Paxos – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 2 hours ahead of GB
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

At a Glance

  • A good beach only a few minutes away
  • Only a couple of tavernas and mini markets
  • Ideal for couples looking for romantic getaway
  • During summer it gets extremely hot

Cheap all inclusive holidays in Magazia will find travellers in a group of small settlements than only one village. The inhabitants of Magazia village are friendly and have a unique way of living their lives. This community is closely knitted and the influence of tourism does not affect it in any way. Magazia is a centre base that tourists can use in exploring Paxos as it is located on the road linking Lakka and Gaois.

There are a couple of tavernas, mini markets and a small bar. These conveniences still maintain the unique character of the island. The tavernas nearby are famous for its radiant nightfall views in the evenings. All Inclusive Holidays Magazia is the spot where the most recent archaeological discovery on the island took place. Indeed, Magazia was at one time the island’s capital.

Beaches in Gaios

Tourists will find a few beaches that are about 5 minutes’ by car from Magazia. Harami beach is found in the north of Magazia and it is the closest and the liveliest with its windsurfing and water skiing facilities.

Suitable for

All Inclusive Magazia holidays, Greece will appeal to people of all ages as well as couples looking for romantic seclusion and break from the busy life.

Holiday activities

Holidays in Magazia is the ideal All Inclusive destination to unwind with all its authentic Greece charm and ancient whitewashed buildings. Tourists can visit the village cafe to try the local coffee and to mix with the locals.

Go to the nearby beaches as well as visit the enchanting church of Agioi Apostoloi to experience that cultural touch.

Holidaymakers can access a wider choice of tavernas in Magazia by car. Although at night, a torchlight might be required if walking to any of the tavernas.

Magazia is a decent Holiday base to explore the other villages in this island since they are all very close to each other. Whether it is to visit the nearby villages of Loggos, Lakka and Gaois, the west coast with its wild scenery, or the east coast with its beautiful beaches.

Gaios food

The classic dishes in Magazia are souvlaki and moussaka. Sample the dolmades, which is another local top pick. There are also the vine leaves filled with rice and pine nuts. Do not forget to try a carafe of the local white wine.

Nightlife in Gaios

A Holiday in Magazia has no nightlife. The only noise that holidaymakers will experience in the evenings will come from the local insects called cicadas. If the insects noise appears to be too quiet, then head to Gaios, the capital of the island, for a choice of tavernas and nightlife.

The best time to go

Many tourists prefer visiting Magazia because of its warm weather, although a few holidaymakers prefer the temperatures to be lower or even with a bit of shower. Magazia has it all. It is generally hot in Magazia during summer, at times extremely hot, with practically zero rain, and no cooling breezes from the sea in the afternoons.

Gaios hotels

Travellers in need of a Holiday All Inclusive in Magazia will be at the centre of the Mediterranean flora. Accommodations are closer to the beaches, so visitors can go there at any time just by strolling down a green path. This is an ideal spot to stay with family or friends.

Discover the best Magazia luxury accommodations and nearby budget villas and apartments. Tourists will find many holiday accommodations close to several small resorts. Its countryside location is simply exquisite, with fabulous views of the sea. For tourists who are after uninterrupted peace and quiet, include Magazia on the shortlist for your next Greece holiday plan.

Magazia, Paxos Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

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Map of Magazia, Paxos

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