Holiday Type: All Inclusive for January

  • Short Haul: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Medium Haul: Approx 5 – 6  hours from UK
  • Long haul: Over 6 hours from the UK

Holidays in January

Taking one of our January holidays will offer exactly the best chance to thrash the New Year blues; giving a chance to unwind at an assortment of all inclusive destinations easy to get to for some required sunshine. can provide you a fantastic range of options from well-known and popular long stay resorts to far-off tropical destinations. Going on holidays in January is the perfect time to escape the busy months, perhaps you cannot deal with the extreme heat of the peak seasons; providing outstanding value, going on all inclusive January holidays will display a quieter side of resorts in great locations means that relaxation is easy. Celebrating New Year with a holiday has been becoming more popular giving piles of things to do with resorts displaying a different character cheap holidays in January are a super idea  if you fancy a bit of cheap off season travelling with a number of modern options.

For a relaxed break that is ideal for couples wanting to escape the UK winter, taking a cheap holiday in January to one of the Mediterranean resorts will provide a fantastic cost effective option. The blue skies and temperate weather will provide a fantastic time no matter if you are looking a quick escape in January for a long weekend, 7, 10, 14 or a long stay which will be ideal for golf or other sporting activities, indeed a cracking budget choice. Of course the enduring favourite here is the Spanish Mediterranean coast attracting us Brits for a quiet choice to soak up some winter sun. If it is some higher temperatures you seek, while still on a short to medium haul flight for all inclusive holidays in January then think about Cyprus which enjoys one of the top average temperatures in this category during winter. The most famous and well known European destination is the Canary Islands which offer year round sunshine and an exceptional range of winter activities. If it is the summer style golden tan you are after then head off on your January holidays to Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia which still enjoy a moderately short flight while featuring that desirable strong January sunshine.

If you have a bit more cash to spare after Christmas then more tropical destinations are available for your holidays in January. We offer an amazing collection of destinations to far flung shores that, although are a tad more expensive will give you a summer feel in January. Cruises are popular at this time of year, but if you head off after the New Year January offers many deals and fantastic prices for the Caribbean with Florida’s Disney offering outstanding offers. Another few ideas that you can go to in January cheap on your holidays will be the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico, offering great options to contemplate. For a one off never again holiday, January provides affordable prices to head off to an unforgettable time in the Maldives, Goa or the Seychelles, perfect for romantic couples or honeymooners.

Temperatures in January

Canaries 18°C
Spain 15°C
Cyprus 17°C
Egypt 22°C
Morocco 18°C
Cuba 25°C
Maldives 29°C

Map of Mediterranean