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How to Prepare For an All Inclusive Holiday with Kids

Are you going on an all inclusive holiday with kids? There are some things you might want to do to prepare. Read here to find out everything you need to know.

Congratulations!  You just booked an all inclusive Holiday with your kids.  Time to get away and enjoy some time away with your lovely family in some brand new tropical destination.   The only problem is … now it’s time to prepare! We have already told you about some of our favourite all-inclusive destinations, but how do you plan for a holiday with kids?    Come with me as I tell you the best ways to prepare for an all inclusive Holiday with your kids.


Word to the wise: remember to do your research!  Because the worst thing you could possibly do would be to book a romantic adult-centric getaway while on holiday with kids.  Chances are your kids want to have fun on your trip. So why not pick an all-inclusive resort that everyone can enjoy?  Put yourself in their shoes. You may be doing the booking for this trip, but your children will most likely be dictating how you will be spending your holiday.

Pack Early

That’s right. Pack as early as you can before your holiday.  Even if it is a week or two before your trip, you will only thank yourself.  With some many people to account for in your family (kids and partner) the less time you give yourself, the more there is room for you to forget something important.  Who knows, you could rush to the airport and find yourself having a Home Alone moment.  Nobody wants that!  So for the sake of everyone, pack as early as you can.

Over pack

It’s a common myth that you should pack lightly when you are flying off to an exotic destination. But when you really boil it down, would you rather have packed too much or too little for your holiday with kids?  Sure the commute to your resort will be easy, but think about how long your supplies will last for the duration of this trip.  Did your family pack enough clothes? Most importantly, did your pack enough socks and underwear for however long you will be staying?  You should take the number of items you expect to use for each day and make sure you have an alternate selection for each day.  Put it in your head that Murphy’s Law is in full effect on your holiday and prepare accordingly.

Too Much Sunscreen is a Good Thing

We’ve all been there.  You just had to get too comfortable and you fell asleep on the beach only to wake up to the worst sunburn of your life.  Now, think about your kids. They are probably going to be so excited to run around and play outside as much as possible.  You won’t be able to get them away from the pool. Don’t even try telling them they can’t build that sand castle.  So bring a LOT of sunscreens.  The last thing you want is for you or your children to be side-lined on your holiday with kids.




Don’t Depend on Hotel Toiletries

Hotels usually provide a few small bottles of shampoo and soap for you to use during your stay.   But you and I both know that those little bottles and tiny bars of soap just won’t cut it.  Pro tip: travel accommodations providing, bring the exact amount of shampoo and soap that you would generally use during the days you are gone of the brands you like.  Just because your surroundings are different doesn’t mean that your morning and evening routine needs to change.  Your kids will appreciate it as well.  Find All Day Activities for You and Your Kids

Pack Comfortable Shoes for Walking

Your kids probably have a lot more energy than you do at this point. After planning your trip and getting everyone checked in to your all-inclusive hotel you might be tired, but you know all too well they won’t be.  So pack some comfortable shoes that will provide comfort as you are being dragged around all over.  The same goes for…

Packing Comfortable and Sporty clothing

This goes without saying, but the more comfortable you are on your holiday with kids, the happier you will be.   Not only will comfy sporty clothes allow you to keep up with your kid’s level of enthusiasm and excitement, shedding your work attire will help you ease into your trip as well.   This goes for your kids as well. They should be as comfortable as they can be so they can have the time of their lives.  Karen Pine, a professor at the School of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, recently found that there is a “strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low”. So make sure you and your kids pack clothing that will help your mood!  Which brings me to my next point.

Enjoy Yourself as Much as Your Kids Do

Chances are that you and your family will be in tight quarters during this trip. So why not make the most of it?  This is your trip after all, but don’t forget your kids will notice if you aren’t having a good time.  As Brigit Katz reported in her piece with the Child Mind Institute, “Witnessing a parent in a state of anxiety can be more than just momentarily unsettling for children. Kids look to their parents for information about how to interpret ambiguous situations; if a parent seems consistently anxious and fearful, the child will determine that a variety of scenarios are unsafe.” So remember to breathe easy and let the good times roll.  This is a holiday with the ones you love. Now have fun!

There You Have It – Now You Know How to Prepare For an All Inclusive Holiday with Kids

This Holiday with your kids should be fun and relaxing.  By remembering these simple steps, you and your family will have the time of your life at the all-inclusive resort of your dreams.  Sounds great right?  If you have any more questions about how to prepare for your all inclusive holiday with kids feel free to send us your questions through our contact page.


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