Holiday Guide Valencia, Spain – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2-3½ hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • So much to do
  • festival’s throughout the year
  • Getting around is easy
  • Enjoy Valencia at any time

    Spain’s third largest city all inclusive holidays in Valencia’s have become very popular in recent years.  Often overlooked when it comes to a destination in Spain to holiday in with its colourful neighbour Barcelona, but newly constructed holiday properties has meant Valencia is now one of the strongest growing cheap holiday destinations in the Mediterranean.

    The local inhabitants of Spain have always known and enjoyed Valencia as a popular location to holiday in, from the resorts incredible nightlife to unbelievable eateries. Now the secret is out and Valencia is fast developing a popular getaway for busy holidaymakers.Come in March and enjoy the festival of Las Fallas which is one of the most famous and outrageous fiestas in Spain.

    Essential tips

    Getting around Valencia’s old town is easy on foot, although you will need to take a bus or taxi if you want to visit the port district or the beach. Your hotel reception will provide you with a useful tourist and local transport map.

    Valencia is part of an ancient kingdom with its own characteristic language and traditions. Their language is known as Valenciano and is depending who you are speaking to either a dialect of Catalan or a unconnected language of its own. This is similar to Northern Ireland in which Ulster Scots creates some debate about whether it is a language or a dialect.

    The indigenous language is considerably more common beyond the city of Valencia. Endeavours to say even some words will be happily welcomed.

    Best time to go

    You will enjoy all inclusive Valencia holidays all year round, and is fantastic for those who want to experience the shops and nightlife. The beaches get over crowded in August, but this is when the beaches create lively nightlife.

    May and September are good times to holiday in Valencia: temperatures are not roasting but it’s certainly warm enough to take a dip and the vision of the rice fields turning their autumn gold is a sight to behold.

    The festival of Las Fallas is held in mid-March, and you should book either your package holiday or flights and accommodation months in advance as it is one of the most popular events held in Spain.

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    Combine All Inclusive in Valencia with one of these festivals:

    January 5th Cabalgata de Los Reyes:
    A fabulous time for a holiday in Valencia as the Three Kings parade in floats flinging out sweets along the parade to kids. The local children get their Christmas gifts the next day.

    Mid March Las Fallas:
    Valencia’s enormous yearly fiesta is one of the most popular in Spain. Each region competes to produce the best Falla (a huge design made of papier-mache) which is then marched around the town. The festival concludes in a gigantic bonfire of Las Fallas; only the winning Falla is saved from the flames. If you can’t go on holiday during this time make time to check out the two museums devoted to Las Fallas.

    May – second Sunday of the month Fiesta de Santa María de los Desamparados:
    This is a fine time to enjoy a holiday in Valencia, as the weather begins to hot up this festival is a remembrance of Valencia’s patron saint involves the formation of a flooring of flowers in th

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