Holiday Guide to Dubai – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 7.30 hours from UK
  • Time difference: = 3 hours ahead of GB
  • Language: Arabic
  • Currency: Dirham

At a Glance

  • Delight in extravagance in this destination
  • You are guaranteed world class comforts
  • Many beaches are owned by hotel
  • Lots of tourist sights to visit

Dubai All Inclusive Holidays highlight all year sunshine and clear waters in untouched beaches. Travellers can experience the track road along the desert, devour Arabian food in luxuriously furnished tents of Bedouin or go do some shopping in the clamouring designer boutiques and spice market.

All Inclusive Dubai Holidays are situated in the United Arab Emirates. Tourists can choose to top up their tan, visit the shops and delight in extravagance in this top Holiday destination. They can enjoy its dazzling beach-side spots, stay in classy accommodations. One thing is certain; this location offers all that tourists need.

Dubai All Inclusive Holidays offer unique experiences. The destination effortlessly combines glamour with Middle East traditional charm. This is the location that the biggest shopping centres in the world are found as well as the tallest building. Tourists are guaranteed world class comforts and astonishing Holiday activities for a fun-filled getaway.

Dubai beaches

Dubai Holidays feature numerous beaches. However, a considerable number of them are owned by the hotels. When it comes to the public beaches in Dubai, there are a few things that ladies should be aware of. Women should only wear a swimsuit or full bikini to cover up and it is not allowed to go swimming in underwear.

Suitable for

Dubai Holidays are suitable for shoppers, in addition to families, thrill seekers, couples and night crawlers.

Holiday activities

There is an extensive variety of activities to indulge in while on Holidays in Dubai, especially with your family. There is the astonishing man-made islands and architecture that was constructed in recent of years.

Visit Burj Khalifa to see the structure that is the tallest in the world.

The Palm Jumeirah is another place travellers should visit. These are a group of islands built to look like the shape of a huge palm tree.

For Holidaymakers looking for a more visual buzz, the water fountain in Dubai features about 150m jet of water that flows ceaselessly.

All Inclusive in Dubai is a Holiday brimming with overwhelming wonder. This location likewise features some of the world class hotels with seven stars facilities.

Dubai food

Holidaymakers in Dubai should sample manakish that is made with baked flat-breads spread with minced meats and cheddar. There are many international dishes in Dubai. Holiday travellers can also try the tasty seafood menu.

Dubai nightlife

The Dubai Holiday nightlife is huge, with several hotels featuring lively bars and nightlife. Dubai Holidays come with a superb party scene. Many licensed bars are located in hotels. With regards to nightclubs, it is lawful for all clubs to close at 3.00 am.

The best time to go

Dubai features consistent warm and sunshine, however, the best time to travel are the months of November to March. The hottest months start from May to September.

Dubai hotels

All Inclusive hotels in Dubai are acclaimed for their variety. These include boutique hotels, luxury, and budget hotels as well as other hotel All Inclusive packages. Hotels in Dubai are generally of an exclusive standard, varying from seven stars to budget accommodations.

Several hotels are rated on designs, to ensure that visitors enjoy modern art while on Holiday. Tourists who choose cheaper accommodations should ensure that their rooms come with air condition systems especially during summer Holiday season.

UAE Weather

April 91°F
May 100°F
June 104°F
July 106°F
Aug 107°F
Sept 102°F
Oct 96°F

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