Holiday Guide Negril, Jamaica – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 10 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 5 hours behind UK
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Jamaican Dollar (US Dollar also accepted)


At a Glance

  • Clean, long white beach
  • Perfect for singles, families & small groups
  • Tourists enjoy activities in their hotel
  • An ideal Christmas Holiday

General Area:

Holidays in Negril, Jamaica is located in a popular holiday destination due to its holiday activities including a tranquil seaside atmosphere. Negril is a small town, however, a well-positioned town where travellers can enjoy the islander way of life from either beach huts, waterfront bars or fabulous all inclusive accommodation.

All Inclusive Negril Holidays offer an unequalled experience of Caribbean charm all through the town. From the well-known Seven Mile Beach to the West End Cliffs, this quiet holiday region features an immaculate relaxing Jamaican getaway.

Walking along the clean, long white beach, tourists will find friendly islanders, local vendors and bars being honoured with quiet tides as well. The Negril surroundings is always peaceful and only the reggae music or steel drums will offer a background sound to your holiday getaway experience.

Negril beaches

The Seven Mile Beach in Negril is among the world’s top ten beaches and it is more than a spot for holidaymakers to sunbathe. This beach attracts tourism to this region.

Suitable for

Holidays in Negril all inclusive board is perfect for singles, families, small groups and couples.

Holiday activities

Just take a walk around the world celebrated Seven Mile Beach and allow your imaginations to float as you take in the views surrounding you.

Visit the Negril Lighthouse. This is a must see sight attraction. It is a sun-powered wonder. Move to the top to see the entire surrounding of the island.

The Blue Hole is a new spot for travellers. This is a natural mineral spring just 30 minutes away from Negril.

Tourists can go to Rhodes Hall Plantation to ride the horses.

Delight in a picturesque sight of one of natures’ most stunning views by para-sailing at dusk on the clear Caribbean sea, which is among the best scenes possible.

Go to the south coast of Negril to visit the Black River. This is where tourists can see Jamaica’s wildlife in action. This place is also ideal for bird watchers.

Negril food

Chomp on a Jamaican snack before your lunch is ready. Try the popular banana chips as well as delicious plantain chips. These are prepared using the local planted bananas and plantains. .

Negril nightlife

There is holiday nightlife in Negril, however, tourists may prefer to spend most of their evenings having fun in their own hotels. Many reggae groups in Jamaica including Bob Marley wannabes come to Negril to perform. Negril nightlife is exceptionally fluid.

Each night of the week, the crowds visit different nightclubs. This means one night, a club can be so swarmed you need to queue for up to an hour before getting into the club and the following night the same spot can be empty.

The best time to go

All Inclusive Holidays in Negril is a tropical destination. Even with the wonderful sunshine, you should expect unavoidable downpour days. March is ideal holiday time for party lovers. Negril is ideal for a post-Christmas holiday since the most season of rainfall is in summer and autumn.

Negril hotels

Holidays in Negril offer a variety of holiday accommodations and options. Accommodations range from first-class, rustic to funky. No Carribean destination offers a wide range of accommodations than Negril; albeit, many hotels in Negril feature adults only all inclusive facilities.

Although, many tourists prefer resorts or accommodations along the Seven Mile Beach that lead on to Long Bay. The good news is that all inclusive resorts have secured the best waterfront properties. There is also something for tourists looking for cheap deals in rustic huts that are camp-like. There are also villas, B&B and private apartments for holidaymakers.

Jamaica Weather

April 78°F
May 80°F
June 82°F
July 83°F
Aug 83°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 81°F
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