Everything Included in one Price Trelawny, Jamaica – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 10 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 5 hours behind UK
  • Language: English
  • Currency: Jamaican Dollar (US Dollar also accepted)


At a Glance

  • Ideal spot for a relaxing beach holiday
  • Perfect for families looking Caribbean sunshine
  • Enjoy the rum and reggae

Planning all inclusives – Plan with – Holiday spending is effortless as soon as you settle on all inclusive holidays to Trelawny as flight, airport shuttles, all foods, cold drinks, leisure activities along with activities are a part of the cost.

A wide array of places to stay

Keeping everyone topped up with food, drink and snacks on a holiday break may be sometimes costly. Food items, treats, refreshments – the expense soon begin to mount up. However, with our fully inclusive holidays to Trelawny, you don’t need to have to be troubled. Bundled in the rate for your escape are actually foods, treats, and unrestricted local alcoholic drinks.

All inclusive

We’ve checked the resorts which experts state exceed in terms of deluxe – superior support, great children’s pool, great scenes together with amazing interior decoration. At a number hotels, you’ll likewise find extras including nibbles, physical activities and activities tossed into the mix, likewise.

It truly is great for holidaymakers, as it means you won’t need to feel stressed regarding viewing your spending habits for never ending lollipops or more chips at meal times. You don’t need to bother regarding budgeting for poolside lunches or drinks at sunset, then.

Very best setting

Aside from your accommodation that are readily available, there is certainly a whole lot more to look forward to on all in holidays to Trelawny like Jamaican Honeymoons.The weather is plentiful – anticipate rather a lot of sun’s rays and warm temperature ranges.

And there may be lots to keep you focused, whether or not you’re into sightseeing and tours or possibly choose to unwind with a excellent magazine. Fit everthing around an All Inclusive holiday to Trelawny. Grab a look at our help guide for Trelawny to get more detailed inspiration.

Setting sun watercraft in Trelawny, Jamaica

Look up your all inclusive holiday

As soon as you’re in a position to buy, you can make use of the search box above above to search through our variety of All Inclusive all in hols to Trelawny. And, should you be ready to arrange, just use the search area.

The Trelawny Area:

All inclusive holidays in Trelawny, Jamaica is located in the north region. This long haul holiday destination with its excellent stretch of sandy beach and clear waters are perfect for swimming, water sports or relaxing in the sun. This breath-taking resort offers many holiday activities and facilities, in addition to many restaurants and bars.

All Inclusive Trelawny Holidays are considered very quiet, making it the ideal spot for a relaxing beach holiday. Many Olympic sprinters including Usain Bolt and other sports personalities come from Jamaica.

Falmouth is the capital and is located in the north region close to Montego Bay. This location is positioned in tropical gardens, near the town of Falmouth, making Trelawny Holidays perfect for families searching for a piece of Caribbean sunshine. It is the holiday spot to enjoy the comforts of home, as you exploit the long, sandy sea-sides and amazing Jamaican friendliness.

Trelawny beaches

Burwood Beach will be where you will spend most of your holidays in Trelawny and is about 0.4 miles to the northeast of White Bay. It features astonishing white sands that are incredibly soft. The water is spotless, warm, clear and sparkling.

Suitable for

All Inclusive Trelawny holiday destination is perfect for couples and families alike. There is also a growng number of exclusively gay holidays available

Holiday activities

Visit the Great Hope Plantation to experience the cattle and coconut plantation in Falmouth. There are also paths to ride a horse and bicycles.

Go to the Falmouth attraction of Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon. It is best to visit when the moon is out to see its real beauty. All you have to do is stir the water to light it up. Watch the water glow. If you wish, jump in and swim or go on a boat to enjoy this amazing view.

Trelawny food

Not all tourists like to eat fresh fruits from the trees. A few tourist prefer to eat them when made as a pastry. This means when you are in Trelawny, many pastries that you will eat are made from local fruits. Be aware that the moment you start eating them, they can be addictive. The pastries include plantain tarts, apple pie, guava cheese, cheesecake, coconut drops and many more.

Trelawny nightlife

The Trelawny Holiday nightlife staples are rum and reggae. This gives Trelawny evenings a relaxing vibe. Tourists will spot pubs and bars everywhere. For night crawlers that are not into reggae, there are places playing cool music, jazz or calypso.

The best time to go

The best hot holiday season to go on All Inclusive to Trelawny is from January to April. In reality, it is the season when the downpours are rare, and the area is less hot. Without a doubt, the minimum rain occurs in February and March, although December is still blustery in a few regions.

Trelawny hotels

Tourists will find all inclusive hotels in Trelawny that is suitable for all budget. There are a pleasant variety of B&Bs, hotels and guest-houses in Falmouth, Jamaica. If for any reason, holidaymakers cannot find holiday accommodation that addresses their needs, they can check in the nearby resorts. They may find the ideal accommodations only a couple of miles away from Trelawny.



Trelawny Weather

Jan 77°F
Feb 77°F
March 79°F
April 79°F
May 81°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 81°F
Nov 79°F
Dec 79°F
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Map of Trelawny

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