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acapulco beachfront, mexico

acapulco beachfront, mexico

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 10 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 5 hours behind UK
  • Language:Spanish
  • Currency:Peso (US Dollar accepted)


At a Glance

  • Well known for glitz and glamour
  • Set around a massive bay
  • Book now for May, 2021
  • A hotel to suit any budget

Acapulco in brief

All Inclusive Acapulco holidays are probably not the focus of high life holiday hotspots nowadays however, the area even now has not yet lost its own wonderful buzz. The famous 1988 song by The Four Tops “Going Loco Down in Acapulco” written by Phil Collins, for the movie Buster, about the Great Train Robbery. This for anyone over 40 is probably the first thing comes into your head when you hear Acapulco.

Acapulco is located within Guerrero, Mexico and is regarded as a really perfect spot for a few days getaway or even a holiday retreat. Look through all of our options of Acapulco Holidays right now and receive professional tips from AllinclusiveHolidays for your trip. Better yet you could start to customise and create your very own low-cost all inclusive holidays to Acapulco for 2017/2018 with  You can select from 114 places to stay, with low deposits

Where is Acapulco

map of United Mexican States

Wondering where Acapulco is? Acapulco is a holiday resort in the Guerrero region of Mexico. Holidays to Mexico combine exotic beaches and historic Mayan ruins by working with purpose-built resorts plus some of the highest quality nightlife in Mexico. Prepare and then make a reservation for your holiday and you’re going to be impressed by the actual discounts it is possible to make by making your reservation on AllinclusiveHolidays. Check out some of our amazing choice of packages and holidays for families to Acapulco, providing unlimited options when it comes to discovery and the numerous beaches make the perfect starting point.

Fun in Acapulco

Regardless of whether you opt for a Caribbean Coast along with its historic Mayan remains, or maybe the eco-friendly foothills of the Pacific Coast, all Acapulco holidays provide top class beaches and great holiday fun in Acapulco. Acapulco is known as a location that delights in a great party. In reality, pretty much as soon as one particular holiday or festivity begins winding down, it feels as though a second shows up right away.

General Area:

All inclusive holidays in Acapulco are on a reputable resort well known for stylishness in bygone days. Acapulco is really a wide shore with a fantastic promenade that is covered with a range of hotels that once characterised the supreme wealth of tourists that chose to holiday there.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the once panache of an Acapulco holiday is a tad more dreary with the swanky hotels now being rather out-of-date. None the less Acapulco still is a top class destination for younger tourists coming from the States and Canada, A little like the Ibiza of the Americas. Cruise ships are also a regular sight visiting Acapulco.

The tourist’s area concentrates on the energetic Central Bay, running for a few miles from Papagayo Park and up to the Convention Centre. Here you will find nightclubs and you can shop to you drop. All inclusive Acapulco holidays in this section are hard or impossible to find.

The fame that a holiday in Acapulco holds only develops when you get out and about, and are set off when in the Bay area. More up to date accommodation can be found around Revolcadero Beach, a more refined tourist into golfing perhaps.

Suitability for:

Acapulco holidays are definitely of an era, but young tourists eager to enjoy themselves will be right at home in this part of Mexico.

The ‘Pearl of the Pacific’ is known as a dynamic not to mention fascinating holiday location. Tourists in search of fun-based activities in Acapulco aren’t going to be disillusioned as soon as they find out the city’s well-rounded schedule of regional celebrations together with activities. Ensure you get your relaxing Acapulco All Inclusive package. You’ll find we have lots of Acapulco all-inclusive hotels, so you will have a good amount of other possibilities.


Anything goes in Acapulco, from the rock bottom budget motels to high quality brand named hotels. All inclusive in Acapulco may be seen as a waste of time as you will want to go out and enjoy the sights. You do really get what you pay for, so expect this.

There is a somewhat amazing choice of hotels in Acapulco.  Facilities are world class and yes most are pretty tidy.  You will especially take pleasure in hotels with private pools as well as the personal space.  The hotels truly are a throwback to the golden times of Acapulco.   You will want to holiday here all over again without any doubt. Acapulco bay provides an amazing, enjoyable, private holiday. Great spot to wind down, with the gorgeous picturesque sights of Acapulco Bay.


The bay is really split into a few different beaches. If you are wanting the best sands then head to the west, this also tends to be more family orientated, though the general area is less enticing.

Central Bay is where you will find the masses on a wide stretch of golden sand complete with all utensils, beds, shades etc.

The East Bay is like Central, although as you near to the naval base it does get rather quiet.

Revolcadero Beach is the main tourist belt out of the main Acapulco resort and gives lots of fine sand. The exposed location creates an area for good surfing. The area also suffers from sand storms meaning that swimming pools in this section more popular than the beach.



Acapulco has some large shopping centres scattered around the coast. Large international brand-name stores are combined with discounted souvenir retailers.

As you could expect beachwear is the main offering in and around Acapulco. An crafts market in the Old Town give you the chance to buy handiworks from around Mexico.

Entertainment in Acapulco:

On Holidays in Acapulco the beach is the focal point and a good range of water sports such as parasailing, water-skiing and banana rides prevail. Cliff diving has been drawing the crowds for many years All inclusive hotels have gym and sports facilities with a daily activity programme.

There are a few decent golf courses that you can indulge. A water park with shows is always a popular family attraction, or even enjoys a ride at the Papagayo Park.

Come night and this is when you can strut yourself on your holiday in Acapulco in one of the large discos. Live shows will offer a good reason to dress up at night.

There are lots of smaller clubs and bars and this is when booking all inclusive to Acapulco comes into its own as the hotels run plenty of quality evening entertainment.

Eating out in Acapulco:

As you would expect of a resort of this size the international fast-food brands are in abundance if you fancy a quick snack.

The range and selection of high quality and formal restaurants are uncountable. Enjoy Cabaret while you dine is a popular option in Acapulco.

There are some pretty decent and not too expensive restaurants that are great fun.


Cancun Weather

April 79°F
May 81°F
June 82°F
July 82°F
Aug 82°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 81°F



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Map of Acapulco, Mexico

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