Holiday Guide to Aswan, Egypt – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx. 5 hours 30 minutes from UK
  • Time difference: +2 hours
  • Language: Modern Standard Arabic
  • Currency: Aswan, Egyptian Pound (US dollars & GBP are usually taken)


At a Glance

  • The peaceful oasis in southern Egypt
  • River Nile and stunning attractions
  • Colourful markets and floating restaurants
  • Explore the tombs, temples and relics

All Inclusive Aswan Summer sun – the peaceful oasis in southern Egypt

Found in the south of Egypt and influenced by its location towards the Nubian Desert and Sudan, Aswan holidays often is the ideal spot for a relaxing family or maybe romantic escape. This compact, tranquil town is often a world away from the hurly-burly of Cairo, and will wow holidaymakers and visitors featuring its gorgeous views of bordering foothills, Lake Nasser and the majestic Nile.

There are various large, luxurious hotels here, as well as a handful of smaller, family-run establishments. From Cairo the flight to Aswan takes 1½ hours and from Luxor to Aswan takes 30 minutes.

Trips to Aswan – River Nile and amazing points of interest

All Inclusive Aswan Holidays is one of the best bases in Egypt out of which to check out the tombs, temples and relics found along the Nile. Sunny Aswan was once an ancient Egyptian frontier town, originally known as Syene.

Today its manageable size and welcoming inhabitants, makes it an easy town to check out, and its unique option and tranquil African feel offer guests a different side of Egypt to appreciate. From here you can take a felucca cheap cruise at setting sun, join a Nile day fishing safari, or simply visit the amazing Sun Temple and Temple of Ramses II, at Abu Simbel.

The two temples of Abu Simbel were cut out of the sandstone cliffs over 3,000 years ago. The incredible project to remove and reconstruct them is considered a major historical feat during the construction of the High Dam on Lake Nasser, during the 1960s. Visiting the temples you will find giant statues, pillars as well as a series of painted inner sanctuaries.

Aswan family trips – vivid markets and floating places to eat

A holiday in Aswan can be a peaceful, relaxing location to spend you family trip, with most guests enjoying the clean air, watery scenery and amazing sunsets. Spend your time strolling the wide coastal promenade as the countries sail boats drift by. Later in the day it’s pleasant to dine on freshly caught fish with a floating cafe, while listening to Nubian music played live.

Egypt is one of the hottest and sunniest locations on Earth. Around Alexandria and the Med accommodations, sunny temperatures usually high at around 31C, but further south, in Aswan, temperatures average 41C.




Aswan, Egypt Weather

April 77°F
May 84°F
June 90°F
July 91°F
Aug 91°F
Sept 88°F
Oct 81°F
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Map of Aswan, Egypt

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