Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays, Aswan

Flight time: 5 hours from the UK

Time difference: 2 hours ahead of the UK

Currency: Egyptian pound

Take an all inclusive Aswan holidays and you will experience the real Egypt, while nearly all the resorts in Egypt are practically a Mediterranean look and feel Aswan is more African in character. Located in the South of Egypt it can heat up here immensely during the summer, although the saving grace for many is that it is placed on the shores of the Nile with a pleasing environment close by. Holidays in Aswan is an appropriately old-fashioned and puzzling water’s edge resort schooners carry out their duties without a sound glide past the agile floating restaurants and elegant hotels where you may be lucky enough to be staying.

Aswan is home to Nubian residents, a cultural group initially from northern Sudan, and the south of Egypt. These are part of a vibrant civilization where culture is as valuable as friendliness that they surrender. It is this fact that makes all inclusive holidays in Aswan such an obliging feel where the citizens cooperatively assist your holiday to make it a time that you will never forget. A visit to the Aswan High Dam is something which comes highly recommended, an inspiring achievement that will amaze you.

The Nile shows off her maximum splendour while enjoying your all inclusive Aswan holidays, pouring gracefully around the yellowish-brown barren desert uniting its age old passage to idled patches of palm trees growing from the river. Enjoyable activities to participate in is a bit of haggling at the old market, enjoy the many flavours, aromas, and incenses; will take you bake to a bygone era that if you allow your imagination to wonder you could get lost in it. It is no wonder that all inclusive holidays in Aswan is sometimes described as a tropical paradise, taking a trip through the desert on a quad, four wheel drive jeep,  or a friendly camel  will let you see just how mesmerising this destination is.

Making certain to return each evening for the nightly entertainment, revel in the sunsets above the Nile from your all inclusive hotel in Aswan. Seeing is believing, you will never recreate that vision from any other place, yes Aswan holidays is the definitive scorching utopia.