The Guide to August Holidays 2021/2022 – All Inclusive

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  • Short Haul: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Medium Haul: Approx 5 – 6 hours from UK
  • Long haul: Over 6 hours from the UK


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  • August summer break with school holidays
  • Last minute for a cheaper trip
  • Early bookings guarantee where you go
  • Guaranteed weather, come home with a golden tan

Holidays in August

The August holiday season is the busiest and popular of the year. Airports are jam-packed, resorts are very hot and prices are typically high. However if you are related to school age kids, this might be the time you will be on a family holiday in the sun. If you would like cheap all inclusive holidays’ deals, you need to book early.

There are several popular holiday destinations to visit in August. Europe reaches its peak in August and it is the most exciting month for top destination holidays. If you want to travel to a popular destination in August, use affordable holiday package.

Schools out for summer family holidays in August

Thanks to about 6 weeks plus away from school throughout the summer months including August, it can be a challenging task searching for ideas to delight the hearts of your offspring over the summer school holidays.

The demand for holiday getaways overseas are at their peak and therefore the tip for an irresistible escape to the hot sunshine would be to, make a reservation for a holiday in August with plenty of forethought! Fantastic family trip bargains are on hand with although you will really need to be flexible with your dates.

This Hours Deals

Thinking about having a fabulous holiday this August, and not very certain which place to go? Make it easy and try top tips for staying at an all inclusive hotel, providing today’s very best advice on fun-based family trips throughout August.



What now

Tenerife, Canary Islands

August holiday in Tenerife is very hot. This is the largest of the Canary Islands and really popular. Of course there are beaches, it offers amazing nightlife and a number of hotels, and in addition it has its very own volcano. Fear not, it is inactive at the moment, but makes for a fun-filled visit to see this natural wonder.

There is a great deal to do in Tenerife besides its amazing holiday surroundings. Visit the sea and the animal park of Loro Parque or consider a tour of the island to explore many of its treasures including the popular Dragon tree.


This is another Greek island that ranks as the best summer holidays in August. If you would like a Mediterranean holiday with its charming towns to busy nightlife, luxury hotels to ancient history, lots of legend and myth to alluring beaches, you can count on Rhodes for an exciting holiday destination with lasting sunshine.

Rhodes is endowed with great beach-sides. The top beaches in Rhodes can be located in the East coast, with surfers choosing the west coast. If you are a beginner to diving, Rhodes is a good destination to give it a go and if that does not suit your needs, consider a boat trip and you can dive into the dazzling Aegean Waters for swimming or snorkelling, as the water is clear and warm.


Bulgaria in August is incredibly hot. Temperatures in August are likely to sizzle quite high. Bulgaria is the latest European holiday preference with its beach locations around the Black Sea coast and in close proximity to Greece and Turkey. Resorts tend to be crowded across the coastline. It provides absolute relaxation for a beach and sunshine holiday.

Head out to Varna, the largest city and experience some culture. You can visit the museums and Cathedral, enjoy the cafes and restaurants. It is an exceptional seaside town with a cultured feel. Tourists have just started to discover the wonders of Bulgaria holidays for fmilies; you can visit before it becomes even busier.

Zante, Greece

Tourists should expect Greece holidays in August to be really hot. Therefore it’s important that you like it hot, if you’re going to this lovely Greek island of Zante in August. It includes the main city of Zakynthos and others being small villages. This island offers a lot more than its share of seaside with more than 20 beaches for your holiday.

There’s no need to concern yourself with where to stay near the beach, as you’ll always be close to one. Probably the most photographed beaches are the Shipwreck Bay. If you are looking for partying at nightclubs in Zakynthos or Eco-friendly holiday atmosphere of Loggerhead turtles, Zante offers them all.

The Italian Lakes, Italy

The Italian Lakes holiday in August is a holiday for relaxing, exploring and eating out in the quiet hills and strolls on the beach. Enjoy the wonderful temperatures and fewer visitors in this high season than its neighbouring city of Tuscany. The Italian Lakes location of Italy is a beautiful holiday destination.

Positioned around Italy extending to the east coast with a number of beaches and sandy coves in the cliffs. Many tourists lodge in a rented holiday villas and cottages in the region, and you can hire a car to explore the area. Better still you can visit the vineyards and take part in the wine tasting session to discover some of the finest local wines.

Majorca weather – sun, sun, sun

Amongst the best reasons why you are traveling to Majorca will be the weather conditions, especially throughout August. The typical temperature range all through August is mostly a pleasant 24C, having a typical rainfall of 27mm for the whole 4 weeks. Therefore for the people  looking for guaranteed fun and good weather, checking out  Majorca in August will not likely let down, with an typical of 11  of sunshine daily!

In Britain we all know exactly how unsuitable weather predictions are generally, for that reason as an alternative to relying on this forecast for August in Majorca now you may experience additional satisfaction thanks to the Balearics fabulous weather.



Holiday Weather

Tenerife 65°F
Majorca 61°F
Morocco 60°F
Greek islands 66°F
Canaries 65°F
Lanzarote 64°F


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