Agios Nikolaos

Holiday Guide Agios Nikolaos, Zante – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • A superb location for tourists
  • Perfect for a sandy beach holiday
  • Nightlife is very relaxed
  • Attractive budget holiday accommodation

General Area:

Cheap all inclusive Agios Nikolaos holidays will place you in an attractive resort on Zakynthos. Agios Nikolaos is a superb location for tourists searching for a lovely holiday with idyllic hotels. There are plenty to explore throughout the day including fascinating history, not to mention the choice of superb beaches.

Holidays in Agios Nikolaos is among the very first cities in Zante to have the effects of tourists success, and also the well-known Agios Nikolaos Lake that is near to the city centre, continues to impress many tourists. The majority of the activities are centred on the harbour area, where outstanding variety of restaurants and cafes illuminates the night and featuring many great night activities.

Agios Nikolaos beaches

All inclusive in Agios Nikolaos offers numerous beaches, each within the city or close to the other cities. The beaches are about 3 to 4 kilometres to the city centre. The Agios Nikolaos beaches extend through the northern to the southern region of the city. The majority of the beaches are blue flags, meaning they have the status of being very clean in the region.

You will find Sandy Beaches near to the main shopping area. There is a small beach, but with deep water. Another beach is about 2kms from Agios Nikolaos, and it is an excellent expanse of sand with great beach facilities.

About 2kms from Agios Nikolaos is another Beach. Agios Nikolaos resort centre offers the beauty sandy beach, with a sprinkling of hotels and restaurants. The Beach features shallow water, which is perfect for a sandy beach holiday.

Suitable for

All inclusive Agios Nikolaos holidays are great with families. This destination is also a perfect choice for anybody that enjoys the sunshine as well as sandy beaches.

Holiday activities

During your holidays in Agios Nikolaos, you will not lack things to do or see. The city itself doesn’t feature any kind of major historic or archaeological structures; however, it comes with one main attraction in the form of a deep pool within the harbour area.

This lake is associated with numerous stories as well as legends, and there was a period that it was thought to be bottomless. The lake is extremely stunning and draws in tourists worldwide with its spectacular red cliffs.

Many tourists on Agios Nikolaos holidays consider visiting the ruins associated with, and also to listen to the intriguing tale associated with what became the last leper settlement in Europe.

Agios Nikolaos also offers an excellent Archaeological Museum that is really worth visiting on your holiday, because of its large collection of Minoan artefacts. Visit the large water parks for those thrills that will help you get away from the heat.

Agios Nikolaos food

Behave like the locals and start your meal with meze that is a choice of hot or cold dishes. Later on, you can get grilled fish. For desert, go for sfakianopites, they are cheese pies sprinkled with honey. It is customary to consume these with a shot of aniseed-flavoured drink called ouzo.

Agios Nikolaos nightlife

Agios Nikolaos is a great holiday resort, however nightlife is very relaxed. You’ll find the majority of activities are uphill in the bars near the harbour featuring live music and karaoke nights.

The best time to go

The Agios Nikolaos climate is fantastic throughout the year for tourists. The best time for holidaymakers to visit is April to the middle of October. However, spring or early summer time as well as in autumn, this is when the temperature is not too hot.

Hotels in Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos region features many hotels and attractive budget holiday accommodations. Everybody will love the hotels in Agios Nikolaos with its range of lodging to suit any cheap all inclusive holidays in Agios Nikolaos.
lst the winters are mild and rainy. Agios Nikolaos has a reputation for being one of the sunniest places in Greece. Agios Nikolaos holidays in July and August are best with an average of 13 hours of daily sunshine, reaching temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius and above. Temperatures stay bearable due to the cool breezes coming from the Ionian Sea. Rain rarely happens in Agios Nikolaos during the summer holiday months but during winter it can be quite heavy. Even in the winter, temperatures hardly ever fall below 0 degrees Celsius.

Agios Nikolaos Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F
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Map of Agios Nikolaos, Zante Spain

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