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Finding the best place to take your next holiday is a big deal. With a huge amount of places to explores and visit, choosing where you would like to go can be a tough decision. To add to that the stress of picking all inclusive hotels can really weigh you down too. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 9 of the coolest places to stay on your trips abroad.

Whether you’d prefer the warm climes of New Zealand or the chilly slopes of France, we’ve got you covered.

Villa Borobudur, Indonesia:

Indonesia is truly a stunning place, as are some of its all inclusive hotels. One of the best places to take in the sites is Villa Borobudur, just up from the city of Yogyakarta.

The sights to see are awe-inspiring, to say the least. Take a trip into the city via inclusive bus rides, or make a date to visit the ancient stone monument that sits in Central Java. Other courtesy options include private pool, verandas and breath-taking views of the city itself. There are not many places that can match the level of calm you’ll find out here.

Huka Lodge, Taupo, New Zealand:

New Zealand’s north island plays host to the mesmerizing Huka Lodge, and one of New Zealand’s best all inclusive hotels takes the form of a grand, stately lodge. Expect wonderful charm and flawless service courtesy of the Kiwi locals.

Want breakfast with a view? Dine in splendour by overlooking the Waikato River in private, perfect for couples. Also for two is the wonderful couples package, which includes pre-dinner drinks, meals set with multiple courses, massages and even a wonderful Trout fishing expedition on Lake Taupo itself.

Club Med Peisey-Vallandry, French Alps:

The French Alps are famed for their breath-taking scope and brilliant accommodation options the world over. So it makes sense that we would add a resort that draws from this snowy palette. Club Med is a fantastic ski-in, ski out resort set against the backdrop of the French Alps. It’s elegant feel and range of perks are great enough to make even the hardiest visitor feel at home.

Languish in the splendour of Club Med’s Turkish baths, or have a sophisticated afternoon in the tea room. Club Med’s restaurant also serves local specialties such as Raclette and Fondue. And need to keep everything family-centric? Interconnecting rooms for certain suites make sure everyone is kept close.

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

Thinking of heading out to Mexico? The nightly rate at Sandos Caracol Eco works out very, very nicely. As well as including all food, drink and room service, Caracol is one of Mexico’s best all inclusive hotels and offers a wealth of activities with which to spend your time. These can range for swimming tours in cenotes (underground springs) to visits to bird sanctuaries, turtle lagoon, and a chance to plant a seed in Caracol’s tree-planting ceremony. And if that wasn’t enough, get this – there is even a thrilling aqua-park! On-site and ready to ride, the park features a whopping 29 waterslides.

Whiteface Lodge, Lake Placid, Upstate New York’s Adirondack Mountains:

New York’s Adirondack Mountains are stunning in themselves. But wait till you here about Whiteface Lodge. The custom package on offer includes luxury log cabin accommodation, complimentary breakfast and an exhaustive list of activities to indulge in. In particular, expect an on-site theater, a bowling alley, top notch spa facilities including profession masseuses, horseback riding, fly-fishing, white-water rafting and more.

Not impressive enough? The nearby Olympic center, host of the 1932 and 1980 winter games offer a stunning alternative. Bobsled rides by professional drivers – to really make you feel on top!



Tortuga Lodge and Gardens, The banks of the Tortuguero river, Costa Rican rainforest:

Costa Rica is an ideal go-to destination. The sounds of the tropical rainforest are an inimitable backdrop for any budding holidaymaker. The natural symphony of the rainforest is super-soothing and only made better by the various activities available.

Turtle nesting is a unique experience (only available July through October) – or if you prefer, watch the little critters make a run to the ocean (later August to November). As you would expect, many other forms of wildlife call Costa Rica their home.

For a little extra, you can take a boat excursion with a local guide and observe three-toed sloths and various forms of monkey in their natural environment.

Como Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos:

Como Parrot Cay is slightly off the beaten path, but just as worth it. A slew of packages available for visitors ensure that the resort holds its reputation extremely well. Dining options such as Caribbean-influenced dishes intermingle with delicacies taking from Mediterranean schools of cooking. A wealth of activities also means it’s unlikely you’ll get bored on your stay.

And what is there to do?

Try out one of several kayaking tours with experienced guides, bottom reef fishing, or for the ultimate in relaxation, take some time at the Shambhala spa.

JA Jebel Ali Beach Hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Holidays in Dubai have a reputation for the high-life, and rightly so. The Jebel Ali Beach Hotel is no slouch. You can live like royalty here thanks to the attractive range of included amenities that come with Ali’s all-inclusive package. Feast like you haven’t before with their included buffet spread, or even just take a small bite thanks to the snacks and beverages on offer. Gourmet dining is also on tap at particular venues, and great leisure options such as kayaking and windsurfing come at no extra charge.

Cap Maison in Castries, St. Lucia:

St. Lucia is one of the gems of the Caribbean. The 5-star Cap Maison really goes the extra mile with all-inclusive customers. With three included meals per day as well as drinks, being fed and watered isn’t a problem. And after all, you’ll probably need it!

Having fun doesn’t take much effort – try out one of Cap Maison’s boat tours, or sail above the sands via zip lining. Of neither of those take your fancy, fitness classes will get the blood pumping, and scuba diving is always a good choice in these warm, temperate waters. And even that is too much? Indulge in the terrace or gazebo spa services on offer.

The luxury of all inclusive hotels

So there you have it, a selection of the best all inclusive hotels. Choosing the perfect place to go on holiday is as rewarding as it can get! What do you think of these? If you’d like to let us know, get in touch!


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