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Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 2-3½ hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • A care-free setting
  • An authentic experience of escaping
  • Cut Price All Inclusive Beach Deals
  • Summertime highs 0f 28º and 11 hours sunshine

All Inclusive El Palmar Holidays – Where breezes will be your best friend

Featuring its laid-back surroundings an all inclusive holiday in El Palmar is most likely one of the number of locations remaining within the Mediterranean for you to receive a real feeling of escaping everything. Not really referred to as a holiday resort before not too long ago, it’s got probably the most unspoilt shorelines, without any features involving commercialisation which you may come across in other places. It is now referred to as the surf capital in Andalucía as well as getting hugely well-liked by anybody who enjoys wind-driven aquatic sports, and throughout the summer season particularly, holidays in El Palmar features a vibrant lifestyle since surfers assemble in the pubs alongside the shore.

But the truth is you don’t need to be a water-baby to experience a holiday to El Palmar. You’ll be able to take very long strolls as well as horse-rides throughout the rough sand hills of the Brena y Marismas de Barbate nature recreation area, or even go away from the coast over the undeveloped scenery of marshland along with woodlands.

For something different away from beach living, have a trip to Cadiz, typically the earliest as well as lengthiest constantly populated metropolis within Europe. Or possibly consider a round of golf at an example of several first-class courses in the area.

When to visit El Palmar

If you’re a surf buff the winter season along with early spring are the most effective periods that you should visit El Palmar, even though Levante winds indicate that there’s realistically steady surf virtually all year long. Additionally it is the time when anyone can get the very best offers for flights together with overnight accommodation. If you like beach lifestyle with no wet-suit, anytime from May to October will provide comfortable times resulting in sizzling hot periods within July and August.

Sadly, those periods also brings out a boost in tourists, since the schools stop working for the summer months holidays. Easter time gets the exact same result. All inclusive El Palmar holidays seems to have not yet been uncovered by a broader market, however this type of fantastic atmosphere which can’t be kept secret for ever. Reap the benefits of it whenever you are able to!

The elements around El Palmar

Summertime highs close to 28º due to 11 hours of daily sunshine along with a temperature of water close to 22º tends to make a great heavenly beach holiday getaway; however, there may be certain serious sea breezes. (Although summertime could very well technically get accepted being from 21st June until the 21st September, 30 days either sides of this is still regarded as a fabulous scorcher when compared with a UK summer.) Rainfall is practically unheard of right from May till September, despite the fact that winter season delivers a number of short-lived showers. The later parts of springtime as well as the autumn months are excellent if you are planning to look around the gorgeous remote regions of the region away from the coast and devote a few days around the beach.

Finding the cheapest price to El Palmar

El Palmar all in hols is definitely a little private holiday resort which hasn’t yet enticed high-rise, excessive-volume places to stay, making sure that presently there will not be a whole lot of bargains available even throughout the low seasons. It is really an excellent instance of a holiday resort that in case you actually exclusively wish to visit you’ll want to begin searching and arranging very early or else you might find yourself needing to visit someplace else. There are numerous  airport terminals that have connections to a lot more than 20 or so UK along with Irish air terminals, so you can consider a bargain once you’ve holiday accommodation arranged, even though you will likely need to transfer a considerable way from a few of them to access El Palmar. (Check out Costa de la Luz section document for additional information.)

Airport terminal along with traveling essential info

Malaga airport terminal along with Seville airport terminal, that have travel arrangements coming from a multitude of UK along with Irish airfields, are almost an equal distance to El Palmar, however it’s still a good transfer, close to 150 km’s. Jerez de la Frontera may be the nearest, 50 km’s away; however it only contains one particular flight, by Ryanair coming from London Stansted (STN). Gibraltar (GIB), 70 km’s, seems to have routes coming from several UK airports. There are shuttle service vehicles which function out of a large amount of air terminals; however on these distances, even for anyone who is going with a group of people, they might end up being so costly that it’s almost certainly cheaper to rent a vehicle.

Southern Spain is definitely moderately well-priced in terms of car rental, about 177€ (£160) per week to get a mid-range car during peak season. However watch out for a particular technique that many car rental firms began to do several years back. People rent the vehicle with a full tank of petrol and return it empty will be billed for the petrol whenever you rent the vehicle with no allowance provided for any remaining inside the tank whenever your give it back. Should you not be advised about this whenever you pick the vehicle up, you could include a further €70 or more for your holiday costs.

There aren’t any connecting train or even bus solutions from any of the airports to El Palmar. The majority of will need a minimum of two changeovers, in addition to you having to go into every town from their particular air terminals.

Best beach in El Palmar

Family holidays in El Palmar all inclusive are acknowledged among the very best surfing beaches around southern Spain, however had been a carefully protected hidden secret up to now. This is a 5 km-long, smooth expanse of yellow sands, yet will be unsheltered therefore can be very windswept occasionally, making it perfect for surfing. Timber pathways point towards the beachfront, to shield the sand hills along with harsh grassland that are getting meticulously conserved. The Torre Nueva separates the shore in two, which is the location where the primary entry will be.

The seas in El Palmar are fantastic for body boarding, windsurfing kite, surfing along with sailing, however the surfer rules, and you will find quite a few surf facilities along with accessories and rental outlets. The water is fantastic for any stage of surfing, based on the season.

You will find a massive selection of pubs together with dining establishments alongside the beachfront which may not simply nourish you and definitely will become your de-stress location in the evening.


El Palmar Weather

April 60°F
May 70°F
June 77°F
July 81°F
Aug 81°F
Sept 77°F
Oct 66°F
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