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Holiday Guide Cayo Guillermo 2021/2022, Cuba – All Inclusive

Quick Details

  • Flight time: 10 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 5 hours behind UK
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Cuban Peso


At a Glance

  • The romance of a little unspoiled Cuban island
  • Water and land based activities
  • Beaches are a true Caribbean paradise
  • Special Cayo Guillermo prices for July

Six great reasons to choose All Inclusive Cayo Guillermo Holidays

1.      The romance of a little unspoiled Cuban island

All Inclusive Holidays in Cayo Guillermo, Cuba give you all the amazing attractions of next-doors Cayo Coco but on a smaller level. Cayo Guillermo offers much more of a secluded and quiet romantic desert island experience.

You will find all inclusive Cayo Guillermo holidays located on a small paradise island that has stunning white sandy Caribbean beaches. Measuring only 8 square miles, Cayo Guillermo is a lot smaller than Cayo Coco but packs a greater punch. Holidays in Cayo Guillermo will attract the holidaymaker that is in pursuit of location that is so quiet and an almost deserted island.

Our low cost Cayo Guillermo all inclusive holidays are mostly popular with couples who enjoy the beach, snorkelling and diving. Both Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco reveal a positive loyalty to ecotourism and the environment with both resorts offering an excellent array of both wildlife and marine life.

2.      Water and land based activities

As already stated Cayo Guillermo offers the chance of incredible water sports and is a delight for snorkelers and divers. There is an incredible 250 miles of coral reef surrounding the area, providing outstanding opportunities for diving. If you don’t know how to dive or need refresher course, a holiday in Cayo Guillermo will give the opportunity with expert tuition and guidance.

Tourists will have the chance to experience day trips and tours from Media Luna and Los Felipes keys. These parts enjoy an astonishing selection of unusual marine life. Holidays all inclusive in Cayo Guillermo are also a great choice with bird watchers and wildlife fans. The entire area is not only a haven for unusual tropical plants but also is home to 150 varieties of birds that includes an impressive flamingos in their tens of thousands on the island of Cayo Coco.

3.      Cayo Guillermo beaches are a true Caribbean paradise!

One thing about Cayo Guillermo is that the beaches are simply incredible. The wonderful soft powdered white sands and clear warm waters make a brilliant place for sunbathing and swimming.

The most popular beach in Cayo Guillermo is the two mile long beach of Playa Pilar. This has been getting more crowded over recent times but is still one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. A trip ont to the beautiful reef is recommended. The only way to properly describe the sense of being at the beach in playa Pilar is it is a paradise.

The white sands of other Cayo Guillermo beaches still give you a real sense of tranquillity and excitement. This makes Cayo Guillermo holidays a firm favourite with honeymoon couples. Cayo Guillermo has a lot of activities to enjoy if you need something different to do than relaxing on a paradise beach. Book all inclusive in Cayo Guillermo and your included activities could include jeep safaris, horse riding, glass-bottomed boat trips and even deep-sea fishing for an evening.

4.      Quality hotels and entertainment

All inclusive Cayo Guillermo holidays are centred on high quality hotels that not only offer brilliant accommodation but also a full entertainment package. Many Cayo Guillermo holidays are centred on an all-inclusive basis.

5.       IBEROSTAR Playa Pilar

Dining and entertainment will tend to revolve around the all inclusive hotel. Being unbiased, holidays will interest tourists that are looking for total tranquil relaxation in a desert island feel.

You will love just about everything at the sea front hotel IBEROSTAR Playa Pilar, from the food to the beautiful nearby Playa Pilar beach. There is direct access to the sea from the hotel.

Hotel Name: Iberostar Playa Pilar

Address: Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

Phone: +53 33 306300

6.       Melia Hotel Cayo Guillermo

Set on the beach, the Melia Hotel Cayo Guillermo is cosy and provides pleasant accommodation for holidays with a family. The hotel staff are very polite and are sure to meet all your requirements. The beach is good with fine sand and crystal clear waters. We would say all in all, this hotel is very quiet with friendly staff.

Hotel Name: Melia Hotel 

Address: Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

Phone: +53 33 301680


Cayo Guillermo Weather

April 76°F
May 79°F
June 81°F
July 81°F
Aug 81°F
Sept 80°F
Oct 77°F


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