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Comino sunbathing

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Maltese
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Small but fabulous
  • Several good beaches and a Blue Lagoon
  • Family arientated
  • A world away from daily life

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Upper-class style in Comino

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Comino sunbathing

Comino malta All-inclusive – Get looking at a cheap holiday in Comino

There are loads to do and see, although if you’d prefer to just concentrate on the tan, you can do that too.

Check out hotels and you’ll find heaps to do only a stone’s throw. For a different detailed hint at just what everyone can easily assume on All-inclusive family holiday discounts to Comino, click through to the trouble-free guide. And with regards to eating at dining places, you and your family will see an excellent amount of alternatives, regardless of whether you’re following original dishes or more prevalent food prep.

Are you all set to pay a visit to Comino?

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General Description:

All inclusive Comino holidays are on the smallest of the three islands of Malta, located in the middle of the chain. Comino is around 16 miles North of Valletta and the airport, a lovely little island and is only 1 square mile big. The coast is a rather crude affair with stunning sea cave and even a rather sweet lagoon. Apart from these lovely features the remainder of the coast is mainly made up of uninteresting rock peppered with shrubs that are home to beautiful birds with an extensive array of butterflies.

Indeed All Inclusive in Comino can be described as pure bliss and a total escape from your normal mundane living.

Suitabile for:

Holidays in Comino are best suited to specialist type tourists who enjoy water sports that include scuba diving. Hotels provide good entertainment and are family friendly.


There are not many hotel around Comino and on the whole are low-rise and pretty casual. Accommodation is pretty decent with most being of a 4 star standard. One of the hotels includes independent bungalow facilities.


If you want beaches on your Comino holidays then you will be pleased to hear that there are two small but sandy bays that give excellent swimming. There is also a superb lagoon that has to most intense turquoise blue water. This is a popular destination with day-trippers predominantly at weekends.

sunbathing at blue lagoon at comino

sunbathing at blue lagoon at comino

The few hotels in the Comino will allow you to include water sports on your All Inclusive Package.

Shopping in Comino:

Being all inclusive there is no real need for shops, although the hotels will provide you with some shopping.

Entertainment in Comino:

Comino is really a world away from it all, and the entertainment is the island itself. Why not take a walk around the island on a day you are doing nothing, one mile square is possible to cover in a day. Enjoy water sports and the plush surroundings on other days.

Come night in Comino and your hotel will have a full range of entertainment for you to enjoy from evening live entertainment suitable for families to barbecues and cabaret.

Getting around and Excursions:

There is a regular passenger ferry which departs from Marfa to the Blue Lagoon. There is another ferry from Mgarr (Gozo). Most hotels operate their own ferries to Gozo and Marfa for patrons of their complex.

The hotels in Comino mainly provide their own vehicles to transfer guests to and from the allocated complex. For the more refined tourist why not book a helicopter transfer from Malta’s airport to your hotel, a fine way to begin your holiday.

What most people come to Comino for is to see the Blue Lagoon, although it is rather sad to think that this is all that a holiday in Comino will offer, so listed below is other activities that you may be interested in.

Some of our all inclusive in Comino will include trips to other islands as part of your holiday package. These can include a day trip to Gozo where you can visit the Ggantija temples or even spen an evening appreciating some Italian opera in one of the Gozo’s two auditoriums. Another day can be spent on a mini cruise visiting some of the fantastic shorelines of the area.


Comino, Malta Weather

Jan 55°F
Feb 55°F
March 57°F
April 61°F
May 68°F
June 73°F
July 81°F
Aug 81°F
Sept 78°F
Oct 70°F
Nov 63°F
Dec 57°F


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