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Sunbeds on a beach during sunrise, Halkidiki, Greece

Quick Details

  • Flight time: Approx 3 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 1 hour ahead of the UK
  • Language: Maltese
  • Currency: Euro


At a Glance

  • Relax on one of 62 wonderful beaches
  • Family friendly sight attractions
  • Organised Holiday activities
  • Luxury hotels with beautiful rooms

Why you should visit Halkidiki

Each of our All inclusive holidays to Halkidiki are just right for anybody on a budget – they’ll are supplied with food and drinks within the fees.

Planning made clear

Keeping the kids having fun when away can be a lot of money. Food items, snacks, cold drinks – charges before long begin to grow. Consider the fact that our own all inclusive holidays to Halkidiki, you should not be bothered. As part of the fees of our holiday will be food items, your snacks, and unlimited local refreshments.

Impressive appeal

With all of our hotel accommodations, there will be extras, for instance aquatic sports, available, in addition. The whole thing adds up to a holiday that offers wonderful value for your money and lacking difficulties.

Lots to try to do

Besides the entire luxury hotel has anticipated, there are a lot new to look forward to on All inclusive holidays to Halkidiki. First, you have the weather. Count on a great amount of sunlight, and fun activities. Moreover, there are heaps to occupy you, regardless if you are into sightseeing in the resort or would prefer to unwind with a good book.

Find your recommended holiday

Should you want to find out more on all inclusive holidays to Halkidiki, pay a visit to today’s beneficial publication – genuinely is an excellent source of points that can assist you plan your holiday. Then, when you find yourself in a position to arrange, just take advantage of the search window.


More about Halkidiki Holidays

Booking All Inclusive Halkidiki Holidays in Greece will leave tourists in the most prominent Holiday destination in the northern region of Greece. Halkidiki is actually a peninsula, a half-island and comes with three other small peninsulas, referred to as the three legs. Halkidiki is also spelt as Chalkidiki.

The capital of Halkidiki is Poligiros. The first half-island is Kassandra and has a popular resort with organised beaches for tourists. The second leg is Sithonia and its resort is less organised with secluded beaches. The third is Mount Athos, which is near to the monastic community and entrance is permitted to men who come with special authorisation only. Facilities for tourists are abundance in the lovely beach resorts while enjoying All Inclusive in Halkidiki.

There are 2 great archaeological sites, namely Stageira, where Aristotle was born, and Olynthus, popular for its preserved mosaic floors. Halkidiki has 12 villages. There is Kassandra with its purpose built resort, which is located in the western region and closest to the airport, making it popular with tourists.

Beaches in Halkidiki

There are 62 wonderful Halkidiki Holiday beaches. The beaches on your Holidays in Halkidiki are celebrated for their sandcastle friendly soft sands, the clear water and lavish environment. Most prominent Halkidiki beaches are in Kassandra region, including Hanioti, Sani, Paleochori and Kalithea. Sithonia region is not a purpose-built resort for tourists, but there are secluded bays to unwind. Tourists will find that the second peninsula region of Halkidiki is well known for camping.

fun on halkidiki beaches

Suitable for

A large number of family friendly sight attractions and in addition, outstanding region imply that Kassandra is an extraordinary destination for Holidays, especially with kids, while nothing will compare to the All Inclusive romantic getaway in the town of Athos nearby.

Holiday activities

Holidays in Halkidiki All Inclusive is a destination with many touring choices, from medieval attractions and monasteries to caves and Byzantine towers. The Petralona cave is an extremely famous sight attraction in Halkidiki, this is a place that ancient human remains were discovered. Extremely fascinating is the Prosforio tower in Ouranoupolis.

Tourists will not find many organised Holiday activities in Halkidiki compared to how large the area is and the number of Holidaymakers. Diving, for instance, is one of the activities while on Holidays in Halkidiki that is organised, there are many diving centres in numerous tourists’ spots and in the regions of popular resorts.

In Poligiros, tourists will find a fascinating historical centre with several exhibits from other nearby regions that were found in the surrounded areas.

Located in Olynthos is an extraordinary museum with many discoveries that made during excavations.

In the wonderful region of Ouranopoulis, near the Mount Athos tourists can visit the Christian Museum that features a pleasant collection of valuable symbols and Byzantine items.

Halkidiki food

This is an awesome location for tucking into traditional Halkidiki dishes. Several local top choices include baked sardines sprinkled with lemon juice and olive oil and squid calamari. You can complete your dinner with a glass of Rapsani red wine, a local favourite.

Nightlife in Halkidiki

The nightlife centre for All Inclusive Halkidiki Holidays is in Kassandra. There, tourists can find nightclubs, beach taverns, lounge bars and even seaside bars with parties every night. You can visit Pefkohori, Sani and Polychrono to spend your nights in lively bars. Sithonia region comes with lounge nightlife. The night spot that tourists visit most is Neos Marmaras in Sithonia, with its pleasant bars and cafes. Extremely vibrant in nightlife is Thessaloniki town, the largest city near Halkidiki.

The best time to go

Holidays in Halkidiki are great throughout the year, yet temperatures are most high from June to August months, this makes it perfect for an enjoyable sunny summer Holiday. Temperatures fluctuate from south to north. The regions close to the mountains are cooler. The minimal temperature in the winter months is from December to February.

Halkidiki hotels

Tourists will find All Inclusive luxury hotels with beautiful rooms and apartments, villas and camping in Halkidiki region. There are many cheap Holiday accommodations in Halkidiki, be it budget hotels or a self-catering apartments. Tourists will find accommodations from traditional Greek villas to complexes with modern structures.


Halkidiki, Greece Weather

Jan 58°F
Feb 59°F
March 63°F
April 68°F
May 76°F
June 83°F
July 87°F
Aug 88°F
Sept 82°F
Oct 75°F
Nov 67°F
Dec 60°F


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