Holiday Type: All Inclusive Holidays in Kamisiana

  • Flight time: Approx 3 – 4 hours from UK
  • Time difference: 2 hours ahead of UK
  • Language: Greek
  • Currency: Euro

Kamisiana Holidays

Escape to the sun has real meaning with all inclusive Kamisiana holidays. The Cretan atmosphere has totally unchanged with time in this simple but evidently beautiful resort. The conveniently positioned western front has amazing views from the countryside all the way across the idyllic sunset waters and inviting expanse of golden flaky sand. A time of relaxation is assured with offering a few shops and a handful of cafes and restaurants beyond the amenities of your complex. Cheap all inclusive Kamisiana holidays are a real treat for settled couples and families in search of privacy and low key nightlife. The spacious beach takes care of all your daytime cares with hours of sunshine and fun both in the water and lounging around.

The nearby capital of Chania provides an inviting change on Kamisiana holidays. Enjoy the shopping and coffee breaks through the sophisticated shops, flower scented streets and informative museums of the town before sightseeing around the ancient sites and glorious architecture of the Old Town delights. Of course there are many beaches much livelier along the northern coastline brimming over with activities and eateries. The transport service is very reliable with cheap holidays to Kamisiana and a small price to pay to widen the horizons.

If you are looking for something really quite simple and easy then all inclusive Kamisiana holidays will please. Getting around the outskirts of the town and into the vast countryside is really nice and a good option is by bicycle with trails leading the way. Stop off in the friendly cute villages with all inclusive Kamisiana holidays providing a good rest and a few drinks for refreshment. Take the early morning excursion to the ancient Minoan Palace at Knossos for a glimpse back in time and enjoy the artefacts and discoveries uncovered in Heraklion Museum. Life around the area is truly slow and easy and with everything on hand to keep you ticking by you may just choose to stay put and get to know Cretan life in a new way with your wallet fixed firmly in your pocket.

Kamisiana Weather

April 68°F
May 75°F
June 82°F
July 84°F
Aug 84°F
Sept 81°F
Oct 75°F

Map of Kamisiana